Why can waterproof, diving suit to see diving suit fabric composition

by:Huaxing     2020-08-03
When scuba diving diving suit is diving supplies, used to prevent heat loss too fast, causing loss of temperature, at the same time also can protect the divers from harmful animals, plants and rocks or diving suit why can waterproof, to look at the fabrics of diving suit. What suit is made diving suit material using the nylon fabric ( N cloth) , also known as spandex, SBR rubber foaming materials, and the combination of environmental protection rubber. Because the material is mainly used in making diving suit and fishing pants, so the material waterproof breathable, good elasticity, not easy to damage. Widely used in boxing, protective clothing, sports protective equipment, exquisite crafts and gifts, automotive interior and other industries. Birch xing is a research and development, production, sales in the integration of diving equipment production enterprise, the company has complete production research and development team and scientific quality management system, professional production and processing diving suit, diving equipment, prevent bask in clothes, surfing clothes, yoga clothing, swimsuit, swim trunks, etc. Sporting goods.
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