What should neoprene surfing clothes to wear

by:Huaxing     2020-08-12

neoprene surfing clothes most propbably everyone not unfamiliar, but specific what, what to wear, probably a lot of people are not clear, we're going to talk about today is this. Neoprene surfing clothes wear steps: 1, first of all we need to know the material of neoprene surf clothing, structure and type, is a kind of synthetic rubber foam, with shock, heat preservation, elastic, watertight, airtight etc. , can be divided into dry surf clothing and wet neoprene neoprene surfing clothes two class 2, we usually use common is wet diving suit, when the choice, we must choose a fitted, so warm and waterproof effect is good. 3, the next know neoprene surfing clothes at that temperature for wear, about 27 degrees or so, you can choose to wear also can not wear, wear four in 10 degrees or so, and the thickness of the diving suit and color are different, he is a latitude condition such as specially designed according to the region, you have to choose according to own situation after 5, the last is chosen, waterproof clothes away, started up from beneath the legs or wear, remember must be closed.
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