Wet suit and the characteristics of the dry suit

by:Huaxing     2020-07-31

some water projects, such as sailing and surfing athletes will use jellyfish, is mainly used to prevent bask in. Long dress with long sleeves of jellyfish has a benefit is can wear to go swimming, swim ashore shook the water directly to go home, saved back and forth to change clothes. Put on the garment of jellyfish can swimming, diving or snorkeling freely, but not in deep submergence. As a result of deep water temperature is low, to deep dive with wet suit and dry diving suit. Wet suit is the most common professional diving suit, gloves and boots are not necessary, but are generally used in case of accidental injury or wet suit made out of foam rubber, general thickness from 1. More than 5 mm to 10 mm, not completely waterproof, seeping into the cold water was isolated from the rest of diving suits, rapid heating and won't permeate out by the body, preventing heat loss, is simply to use water to heat preservation of poor thermal conductivity. Wet suit is relatively cheap and simple, usually used in the water for use between 10 to 25 ℃, usually made out of foam rubber. But heat preservation is not absolute, diving suits in the 'hot' or have a small amount will escape and is replaced by cold water, a process called 'wash'. Can wet suit fit me or not is the premise of heat preservation for users of wet suit, fit is the key to warm. Too loose to suit the memory too much water, put the water heating will also help the body warm, but is too tight and makes people feel uncomfortable, will also hinder the neck blood circulation, seriously will lead to insufficient blood supply head, blacked out. As a result, many divers have chosen tailored rather than direct use of finished products, of course, this also means that the price is more expensive. Wet suit disadvantage is that the skin needs to contact with water, if the water temperature is too low, still can make the divers hypothermia, this time with the dry suit. Dry suit more emphasis on the seal, so the place such as the neck and wrists more tighter, polyamide and neoprene each have advantages and disadvantages: polyamide fiber of low cost, more adapt to the temperature of the water, also can choose according to the different situation of different clothing wear in the following. However, so that the volume of a diving suit will become big, can lead to the increase of the resistance and energy consumption. In addition, if once nylon seal failure or a large amount of water, almost lose all of the heat preservation performance. Neoprene cost is high, in some cases are not allowed inside set of dress, so not too to adapt to changes in temperature, but the advantage is even completely filling water, it will become a wet suit, still has a certain degree of thermal insulation performance. No matter dry or wet suit, divers will face deep water pressure problem, dive too deep, cannot rise too fast, otherwise it will lead to decompression sickness, and even have dangerous life. If you need hundreds of meters depth, use atmospheric diving suit. Called 'wear' seems to have not appropriate, because this kind of dive 'suit' is more like a similar to armor, just a small humanoid single submersible, deep water it can resist the pressure, can be used for a long time deep without decompression, to avoid the most physical danger, related to the deep submergence divers also do not need to swim, but the drawback is lack of flexibility, appear to be heavy, ergonomic is often not so good.
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