Triathlon clothing manufacturers take you know triathlon facilities

by:Huaxing     2020-07-29
We should first contact triathlon project, set themselves step by step to complete the tasks and goals of each year. This mission as god gives us. When we finish it, we will become different and better. Triathlon clothing manufacturers take you know triathlon facilities. Route design principle on the premise of ensure the safety of athletes, fair competition, the design and layout of venues should as far as possible in order to center as the center, the construction of the main stadium area. Transition zone should be near the start of the swimming. Main stadium area including VIP total terminal and the audience stand, transition zone, and large-screen electronic display and a scoreboard and other facilities. Area mainly includes the management of the starting area, the channel from the end of the swimming transition zone, transition zone, the last channel and door, medical field, the athletes recover area, rest area, the media and media field, time and performance statistics for the region, the mixed zone. Set the swimming venue can swim in the broad rivers, lakes and oceans. Swimming route can be set up by the buoy on the surface of the rectangle or triangle; Starting point and end point should be located in the same location. The beginning of the form can be dock the diving or from the shore jumped into the water. Swimming depth of at least 1. 8 meters, water quality stability, security, water quality conform to the hygiene standards; In general, the water temperature should be above 20 ℃. 20 ℃ below the athletes wore a warm bathing suit triathlon. Diving start swimming start: terminals, and should be set at least a 60 m & times; 2 meters of the launching platform to accommodate all the athletes, the starting line belt should provide fair starting position for all athletes. The distance between the elite group of athletes for at least 75 cm. Swimming course: the ideal design is clockwise swimming, each lap 750 meters, the entire 2 laps. The first corner should be away from the starting line of not less than 300 meters. End of the swimming: at least 4 meters wide, covered with blue carpet, and equipped with fresh water in the shower and the water near the station. Transformation zone Settings for elite groups of the transition zone of minimum width and length is 9 m and 30 m respectively, have enough framework provide at least 75 cm space for each athlete ( Each age group of at least 60 cm) 。 Transfer area entrances should be wide enough to flow direction should be consistent. In the entrance zone of the lateral respectively set up at least 1 m wide, 6 meters long boarding area and off area, and set up the yellow boarding line and off line. Cycle stages the track surface should be smooth, required width should not be less than 5 meters. Excellent team of course design should be not less than 3 laps, ideal schedule is 6 ~ 8 times. Track should include technical difficult slope and curve, and avoid 180 - degree turn. A ban on the intersection traffic, total ban other vehicles. On the way in and out of the transition zone, safety barrier should be set up at least 400 meters long. This phase should provide at least two spare wheel station. Line the road smooth running stage set requirements, line width is not less than 3 m, no cross, other vehicles should be closed. Game must have a clear path all the instructions. At least every 2 kilometers to build a water station. The length of each drinking water station for at least 30 metres. Clear the arrow symbol should be placed in the corner of the circuit, and should provide a good view. Before running period of the finish line at least 3 meters wide, 100 meters long straight line. Birch xing is a research and development, production, sales in the integration of diving equipment production enterprise, the company has complete production research and development team and scientific quality management system, professional production and processing diving suit, diving equipment, prevent bask in clothes, surfing clothes, yoga clothing, swimsuit, swim trunks, etc. Sporting goods.
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