Triathlon clothing fits, it is also crucial

by:Huaxing     2020-07-28
Triathlon sports is one of sports projects, was born in Hawaii, belongs to the emerging comprehensive sports competitions. Triathlon clothing fits, it is also crucial. 1. Game midway don't need to change clothes in three competitions, iron water swim we can only wear swimming trunks, but by bike project, game rules must be put on the jackets. If wear no pants cushion swimming trunks cycling, presumably ass must not be pleased. In running stage, loose sweatshirt will dangling, increase friction produce discomfort. Iron three race against the clock, change clothes also lose too much time, so the rangers running wear exactly iron three suits arises at the historic moment. Above, before the zipper open conjoined iron three suits, easy to wear off, the amateur player in a shorter race distance of iron iron three of the most popular types. But IRONMAN new game rules issued in 2017, according to the ITU competition rules further specifies & other; If the player in front zipper design of iron 3 coats, in the process of game, the zipper is not allowed to open down below under the sternal end & throughout; 。 After that is to say, to participate in ITU and IRONMAN competitions, players will no longer allow by & other Topless dew pregnant & throughout; The way cool. Zipper design iron after three suits will be preferred orientation of athletics, pro iron after more than three suits for the chain. Pull chain iron after three suits are the benefits of the position of the zipper will not cause discomfort to lean forward. In view of the garment rules require iron three events, have the brand double zipper design before and after the launch of the new iron three suits. In front of the short zipper is shorter, just to the upper breastbone length, conform to the rules and requirements; Behind the zipper design more scientific and reasonable, easy to open. This double zipper design, the function also more in line with the iron three athletes need to ride a bike when close the front zipper, can be avoided for a ride, after open the zipper to speed up the cooling at the same time; Before and after running at the same time open on both sides of the zipper, avoid the chest of the oppressive feeling, make breathing more unobstructed. 2. Combined with iron pants cushion function also have three clothes pants cushion design, just not with riding pants cushion thickness, because the first project of swimming also want to consider the possibility of pants cushion bibulous, so usually three iron suit pants cushion will be thinner and more permeable, and not in the way when swimming feet running water or thigh friction condition. Three suits the iron on the market is divided into two kinds of fission and conjoined. In long distance triathlon events, fission iron three suits are common: if you need to go to the bathroom, compared with conjoined iron three suits, fission iron three clothing will be more convenient to take off. Of course, the most popular style iron three suits or connected, conjoined iron three clothing mainly has: the benefits of dress nicely. Reduce water resistance and wind resistance not only, more important is in the process of cycling, the location of the pants cushion has always remained stable, thus reducing the pants cushion and skin friction. Don't le the belly. Part due to the Velcro suits pants don't need the rope to fixed in the waist, greatly reducing the oppression of waist and abdomen. Taking pictures is more handsome. In front of the cameras back exhaustion posing as a pose, such as the end of the game to see photos only to find out certain belly, you certainly don't want to? Conjoined iron three suits almost perfect to solve this problem. 3. Add more three movement the strengthening function of 1. Iron from three clothing design sleeveless increasingly tend to be short sleeves. Short sleeve iron three suits better solved the cuff and the friction between the skin problem, at the same time, the wind resistance of the ride will be smaller. 2. In special iron three suits will add more compression clipping or cloth, strengthen local blood flow speed or fixed muscle group. 3. A better drainage design and fabric selection. Whether clothes drier after swim ashore, or ride a bike when running fast sweat, following the development of the design process and the fabric material, iron three clothing will be more and more comfortable. Choose three iron suit, you can start with demand began to look for, or standard distance is long, need not to need pocket design or need separation design, etc. , will affect your convenience in the game. 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