The world's most advanced diving suit was born

by:Huaxing     2020-07-31

suit is equivalent to a tiny spacecraft. Similarly, currently the world's most advanced diving suit, equivalent to a miniature submarines. It has its own propulsion, in divers or the personnel under the control of vertical or horizontal motion. Ventilation system is enough to sustain the life of the divers for 50 hours. The cable is not only to the surface ships to provide power for propulsion, can transmit voice, video and data connection. It is not suit, but diving suit, underwater iron man. This makes wearable submarine looks like divers iron man. And, more importantly, its internal pressure can maintain and water, so as to protect the divers in the depth of a few hundred meters work hours and don't have to worry about decompression sickness. Manufacturer is a Marine automation enterprises Nuytco north vancouver Canada Research. Civil engineering company J. F。 White bought it with the New York City water treatment plant in the United States. However, such advanced diving suit in the field of scientific research and underwater archaeology, clearly has great potential. In early June 2014, it has the woods hole oceanographic institute in Massachusetts in the United States conducted its first sea water test. In July, it will first be used in scientific research task: the American museum of natural history of a team will travel to the U. S. northeast coast about 160000 meters for cold light organism. Pero antic WHOI plan is, the use of it in Greece near the west island discover a Roman shipwrecks. The sinking ship in archaeology's reputation largely from found some rust on the metal parts. In the 1950 s, scholars have found that these parts can be assembled into a complex computer, is used to predict astronomical events. WHOI hope with the help of this diving suit, they can find this kind of the oldest known to more computing devices. Learn more about diving suit of news and information, welcome to visit diving suit factory dongguan birch hing co. , LTD's website. Recommend a news: diving safety considerations
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