The world's four big dive holy land

by:Huaxing     2020-07-30

diving movement brought many people to yearn for, at the bottom of the sea, you will see beautiful coral reefs and fish, beautiful underwater plants in droves, and five yan's charming scenery of the sea, the fantastic underwater world fascinating, today to introduce several world famous dive spot. 1, Fiji mana mana island in Fiji island, as long as it is without power play tools, generally no charge. Guests can borrow canoeing, free of leisure in the beautiful south Pacific boating. To enjoy the island in the south Pacific island of sunshine, white sand, the water of the sea, snorkeling is the best choice. Snorkeling equipment is usually free on loan. Gently beautiful blue sky, colorful sand, rocks, coral, under the refraction of the sun, ocean water becomes colorful. In the sea, to swim with you in addition to fish, and only seen on television, cross sea star, small seahorse, tiger stripes. Maybe you will think is fell into the aquarium, but these are truly present in sight. Fiji water clear trainspotter, Marine resource is very rich, there are many different kinds of colorful coral and tropical fish make a person dazzling, is the best place to dive, don't miss hidden in the red, white, purple soft coral sea creatures. There are at the age of warm water, can be seen everywhere in the tropical fish. The colors of huge coral landscape has long been the world famous dive site. 2, tao tao islands in Thailand is known as 'turtle island, located in koh samui due north, 65 kilometers deep in the gulf of Thailand, excellent geographical location makes it dive site year-round water temperature above 20 degrees below, is open 365 days a year to the sea, explore the bottom of the sea diving fans of world-class dive holy land. This only 21 square kilometers of surrounding the island have 28 for diving area, coral reefs also includes eight kilometers long. Each year more than 100000 people visit here love scuba diving. Out there are more than 30 island near water tender warm water dive site, well suited to learn diving. Moreover, the diving training price is relatively cheap (there About 2500 yuan) 。 According to incomplete statistics island, the island has more than 200 dive shop, my PADI, SSI and CMAS, the TDA and BSAC international diving training institution on the island have agent training institutions. Of course, if you are a senior divers, can also seek more exciting adventure - here - Deep sea diving. Reaching 16 meters high natural rock cracks, divers can climb along the cliff. 3, the maldives maldives is located in the world's most current exchange feeds location, the fish is rich in species and quantity of comparable to the Great Barrier Reef and the red sea. Biggest characteristic is scuba diving in the maldives have special organization management institutions, often have many people engaged in diving. The maldives every a holiday island hotel has a diving school, except for the diving course arrangements, diving qualification certificate, at the same time to undertake rent diving equipment service. 4, di ya Island in the Philippines say the Maya Island is a paradise of scattered don't exaggerate, Palawan Palawan in the Philippines, di Maya Island belongs to the kara continous islands Calamian Group Island one of the Island, the actual location in the booth in north Palawan Island of Busuanga Island to the north. Di island not only has the numerous dive sites, deep investigation of water still can see the figure of the little mermaid, also known as the mermaid's island. Here, besides can see coral reefs and ocean ecology, dive sites and world war ii the Japanese ship, for experienced divers, quite attractive. Learn more about diving news and information, please visit the neoprene diving suit factory dongguan birch hing co. , LTD's website.
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