The price and neoprene

by:Huaxing     2020-08-11

neoprene has very good physical and mechanical properties, oil resistance, heat resistance, flame resistance, light resistance, ozone resistance, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to chemical reagent. The disadvantage is that cold resistance and storage stability is poorer. Has high tensile strength, elongation and reversible crystalline, good adhesion. Anti-aging, heat resistance, oil resistance, excellent chemical corrosion resistance. Weathering resistance and resistance to ozone aging after ethylene propylene rubber and butyl rubber. Heat resistance nitrile rubber and its decomposition temperature of 230 ~ 260 ℃, short-term can resist 120 ~ 150 ℃, in 80 ~ 100 ℃ can be use for a long time, has a certain flame retardant. Oil resistance after nitrile rubber. Inorganic acid, alkali corrosion resistance is good. Cold hardiness is a bit poor, poor electrical insulation. Raw rubber storage stability is poor, can produce 'since the sulfur' phenomenon, Mooney viscosity, raw rubber to harden. Neoprene price: neoprene 2. 8 - 3. 5 w/tons, rubber imports to domestic and abroad to pay the tax of 20%, came in as domestic price, usually at around 24000. Best and worst not by one thousand, unless is a particularly poor. The kinds of neoprene is divided into: 1. SBR: 85% SBR blended with 15% CR adhesive, physical quality, moderate price, suitable for wide range of USES, suitable for use: sports and health protection, horse guards, gloves, shoes, bags, gift gifts, mouse pads, girdles, cushion, chair cover; 2. SCR: with SBR CR of SBR/CR advanced mix glue, both rubber features, not only the basic physical properties, more with different CR composition proportion, to develop a different grade products, in order to meet the requirement of the customer diversification, 70% SBR blended with 30% CR adhesive, physical quality more advantages, suitable for high price brand products, suitable for use: fishing clothing, surf clothing, sports and medical gear, horse guards, shoes, bags, gloves, belt, cushion, chair cover, 3. CR: ozone resistance, anti-aging, high toughness, super elasticity, Gao Yanshen and soft comfort the best sponge. Suitable for products: all water activities or diving depth of 30 meters diving suit material.
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