The performance of the neoprene

by:Huaxing     2020-08-11

neoprene is indispensable in our decorative material. It has a wide range of USES, and even our furniture manufacturing industry preferred. A synthetic rubber, neoprene performance has good physical and mechanical properties, oil resistant, heat resistant, flame retardant, resistance to sunlight, ozone resistance, acid and alkali resistant, chemical reagent etc. The downside is the cold resistance is poor, poor storage stability. Has high tensile strength, elongation and reversible crystallinity, and has good adhesion. Ageing resistance and heat resistance. The advantages of oil resistance, chemical resistance. Weather resistance and resistance to ozone aging after ethylene propylene rubber and butyl rubber. Nitrile rubber heat resistance and heat resistance of NBR were the same. Decomposition temperature 230 ℃ 260 ℃, 120 ℃ 150 ℃, short-term resistance can be use for a long time under 80 ℃ 100 ℃. Have certain flame retardant. Oil resistant only after the nitrile rubber. Inorganic acid and alkali has good corrosion resistance. Cold tolerance is a bit poor, electrical insulation is bad. Raw rubber storage stability, easy to produce 'sulphur' phenomenon, Mooney viscosity increased, raw rubber hardening. Second, the neoprene neoprene 2 price. 8 - 3. 5 w/t rubber imports to domestic and abroad to pay the tax of 20%, came in as domestic price, usually at around 24000. The best not the worst of the one thousand, except for the worst. Three, known as diving neoprene adhesive neoprene fabric cloth material, in fact, diving neoprene is the floorboard of the material, diving material specific classification can be divided into: 1. SBR( Styrene - Butadiene rubber - Styrene - Butadiene rubber) 85% of SBR and 15% CR mixture, quality and price moderate, is suitable for various purposes, suitable for sports and health protective equipment, horse guards, gloves, shoes, bags, gifts, mouse pads, belts, seat cushion, seat cover. 。 。 2. SCR: high-level mixed rubber (SBR/Cr Compound/CS/SCR) , mixed with SBR rubber performance, not only improves the basic physical properties, but also according to the proportion of different Cr components to develop different grades of products, to meet customer demand 'diversity', 70% of SBR and 30% Cr mixing ratio, has better physical performance, apply to the high unit price of brand products, suitable for fishing, surfing clothes, pants, pants, sports and health protection, horses protection tools, shoes, bags, gloves, belts, cushion, chair cover and other purposes. 。 。 CR: ( 氯丁二烯橡胶) 氯丁二烯橡胶。 Ozone resistance, aging resistance, high toughness, super elasticity and high elongation, comfortable soft sponge, etc. All applicable products: within 30 meters diving underwater activities or materials. 。 。 Diving material thickness: 1 - Can be made of sheet (40 mm Split type processing) Is made. According to customer requirements for a variety of options: cooperate/embossed/punching bonding cloth type: nylon cloth of good products ( N - Meja) And the best products filament cloth ( T- Meja) , leica cloth, mercerized, OK, stair cloth, non-woven cloth, cloth of fine wool, fleece, PK, wear-resisting, camouflage cloth and elastic cloth, cotton, Single or double sided fabric) 。 Embossing: the increase of friction is beautiful and anti-skid function. Piercing: can improve the tensile properties, permeability and heat dissipation effect. Birch hing co. , LTD. , dongguan city, the neoprene diving suit and the clothing manufacturer, provide all kinds of men's diving suit and ladies dress custom services, the company production of surfing and diving suits, reliable quality, novel design, welcome to choose and buy.
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