The performance of the neoprene

by:Huaxing     2020-08-11

neoprene products is widely used in recent years, the common products are surfing, diving suits, receive a case, water cup, this product because of its waterproof, warmth and softness, received the welcome of the market, today took everyone know about the performance: neoprene neoprene physical properties: resistant neoprene flexible performance is good. Domestic heat resistant conveyor belt cover glue test result is: have the same degree of cracking of natural rubber rubber formula to 39. 90000 times, 50% 50% of the natural rubber and neoprene and rubber recipe for 790000 times, while 100% neoprene rubber formula for 88. 20000 times. So the product has a good memory, can fold, deformation will not leave won't rub off. The rubber has good shockproof performance, adhesion and sealing performance, are widely used in products such as home appliances of the seal and shockproof and cell phone sets, vacuum flask, footwear manufacturing. So make the product has good softness and skid resistance. Softness can foil user wrist, effectively reduce the wrist strain. Skid resistance can prevent the mouse pad, allows a user to the steady operation of the mouse. Chemical properties: neoprene neoprene structure of double bond and the chlorine atoms are not lively, not easy to react. So commonly used on the product with high chemical resistance requirements, also make the product is not easy to aging, cracked. The rubber structure stability, non-toxic harmless, widely used in diving, sports protection products, plastic products manufacturing. The rubber with good flame retardancy, the use of safe and reliable, and more used in flame retardant cable, flame retardant, flame retardant conveyor belt, rubber hoses, bridge bearings and other flame-retardant rubber parts. The rubber has good water resistance and oil resistance, pipeline and adopting the rubber conveyor belt, the above characteristics also make the product can be repeatedly washed, prevent deformation, not easy aging and cracking and durable features. Because it is synthetic rubber improved, so its price is about 20% higher than that of natural rubber. Learn more information about the neoprene or products, please visit the following website birch hing co. , LTD.
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