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by:Huaxing     2020-08-07

neoprene diving take emergency rescue and salvage, underwater exploration on sea oil development, Bridges and terminal building, DAMS, aquaculture, etc. Wet clothes can also be used for water sports. Half dry neoprene diving suit, Siamese clothes, made by 6 mm CR material, diving shoes, watertight zippers. Wrist and neck have tightened, the user can adjust tightness according to actual situation. Widely used in diving travel, aquaculture, fishing, and underwater construction, such as underwater rescue. DYJ - Ⅰ submarine is air breathing apparatus for the portable open circuit of single pipe mouth pieces type diving apparatus, belong to light fittings. 12 l diving domestic steel cylinders, the actual volume of 12. 14 4 l, the actual weight. 3 kg, the bottle design wall thickness of 4. 4 mm, nominal working pressure of 20 million mpa, hydrostatic test pressure of 30 million mpa, air tightness test pressure of 20 million mpa, the bottle for 30 crmo material, heat treatment status to tempering after quenching, bottles of 650 mm high, high cylinder head of 740 mm, 174 mm in diameter. Back to gasbag structure, very simple cylinders back frame unit, diving in the water almost can't feel the feeling of wearing, the cylinder back frame does not belong to a kind of formal BCD buoyancy compensator, unloading easy, yuan buoyancy, size only. Belt pressing lead durable, not easy deformation, not cracking, and the ecological environment to the human body will not form pollution, use more comfortable. For 50 mm wide belt black mucilage on strong nylon belt, stainless steel type shackle quickly; HCH pressure reducing valve is equipped with four low voltage interface, a high pressure interface, used to connect to the instrument, the BC medium pressure pipe equipment, such as uniform air supply, stable and reliable performance, the high-quality goods in domestic underwater breathing apparatus; Half mask use toughened glass lenses, the biggest may protect your eyes, ADS, silicone cover, bring you a comfortable feeling. A complete set of fittings by mouth pieces respirator, nose and mouth and a half mask, air cylinder, the back, the pressure reducing valve, wet neoprene diving suit, fins, belt press lead, glass fiber reinforced plastic boxes, etc. For more information or products related to diving suit, please visit the diving suit factory dongguan fo xing's official website.
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