The effect of diving suit what

by:Huaxing     2020-08-07

role is the root of the diving suit thermal insulation, not compressive, diving suit without compression effect. Diving suit points three categories, dry diving suit, which is directly can wear. Used in frigid zone diving, because the dry suit thicker, and is wider, can wear clothes in diving suit, the warm vest or something. Dry diving suit is need special training before they can use, use common wet suit, there is water, because these two kinds of diving suits relatively thin, generally 3 mm, maximum thickness less than 6 mm, and can dry up to 10 mm. So, you need between the diving suit and the divers, with no flow of water to form a thermal environment, so that we can effectively protect the divers temperature maintained in the normal range. That's why you feel after diving, scuba divers body is wet. Usually the sway of the diving suit in the water directly to the then wear. If the weather is cold, can use of water up to 10 degrees. In tell you a little knowledge, diving suits, the term actually not professional, circles we all call 'cold' or 'heat', rather than a diving suit. Diving suit and upstairs friend said plastic gloves is not matter, because the rubber diving suit with a myriad of tiny bubbles and hearing the diving suit is to reach the purpose of heat preservation with these small bubbles! Diving suit choice is to need time, because the suit must fit! Doesn't fit, it would be in trouble, not only in the hand hard, will also drop water, swim in the water swim to be not moved! Learn more information about diving suit or products please visit the diving suit factory dongguan birch hing co. , LTD's website.
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