The development of the guangzhou sports fitness clothing

by:Huaxing     2020-08-25

the north wind blowing, waves season is past, the summer & lean camel in weibo said other I saw in the dressing room before the game the boys to help each other throughout the butt into swimming trunks &; It really is very common phenomenon in swimming team. 20 - wear a bathing suit In 30 minutes, light wear is not, it will take a long time to adjust, slowly slowly move parts of the body, is really wear well. No teammates help, especially wear one-piece women, almost impossible oneself & other; Plug & throughout; To go in. Sports fitness clothing for people who really like surfing, winter waves is really great, is not only the domestic, almost global wave point is winter waves is better, because the winter monsoon will become more stable, the wave nature of more clean and tidy. Wet diving suit must be very close, it can provide better protection. Bathing suit colour to highlight the posture and to form the overall skin tone is very important, such as the skin fair-skinneds when use cool color department as well, such as blue, green and the deep pink in the warm color department, but don't use 淸 pale color, such as pink, because that will make the skin appears pale and weak, lack of angry and force field. Red and pink is for girls always have no way to refuse, and one of the most significant white should be bean paste powder. Sports fitness service as soon as you enter the water, there will be a thin layer into your diving suit, filling between the skin and the inner diving suit. Guangzhou sports fitness suits the development of the sports fitness service team will add a neoprene foam xenon and krypton heavy inert gas such as insulation, to the enrichment of fat. Exercise suit when you hand through the sleeve, feel neoprene skin stick together with you, it is hard to dress up and, at this point, you can let your potential partner blowing on your sleeve, let the air into the skin and diving suit separately, so that you can easily pull up diving suit. According to ONR laboratory test, the upgraded diving suit ability to work effectively under the environment of 10 degrees Celsius for hours, rather than after a few minutes. If the eyes are good biological or to see you there is very clear. If conditions permit, then try to go to swimming pool or low water diving suit, diving suit, after the water neoprene wouldn't die with your skin.
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