The development of neoprene in our country

by:Huaxing     2020-08-09

neoprene development: the global auto industry develop steadily, high pressure hose related to construction machinery demand picks up, water-based adhesives and latex gloves are expanding demand, demand growth and parts of China for the recent neoprene tighter supply. Because the CR has won't because protein and vulcanization accelerator and produces an allergic reaction, the advantages of gloves manufacturers than it used to replace natural rubber latex. CR global demand of about 300000 tons, manufacturers are mainly six, three in Japan accounts for two-thirds of global CR capacity, alcatel-lucent shinco, China chongqing longevity and mountain synthesis. Neoprene performance: has the good physical and mechanical properties, oil resistant, heat resistant, fire resistant, resistant to sunlight, ozone resistance, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to chemical reagent. Defect is cold resistance and storage stability is poorer. Has high tensile strength, elongation and reversible crystalline, good adhesion. Aging resistant, heat resistant. Oil resistance, excellent chemical corrosion resistance. Weather resistance and resistance to ozone aging after ethylene propylene rubber and butyl rubber. Heat resistant NBR and its decomposition temperature of 230 ~ 260 degrees Celsius, short-term resistant to 120 ~ 150 degrees Celsius, in 80 ~ 100 degrees Celsius can use for a long time, have a certain flame retardant. Oil resistance after nitrile rubber. Inorganic acid, alkali corrosion resistance is good. Cold tolerance is a bit poor, poor electrical insulation. Neoprene with accelerator is introduced and the development of neoprene commonly used types of accelerator is thiourea classes, on behalf of the product has the promoter ETU, DETU, DBTU, DPTU. The promoter promoting efficiency is low, scorch resistance is poor, in addition to the neoprene, chlorinated polyethylene used for promotion and crosslinking function, rarely used other diene rubber. Originated in foreign markets, the early manufacturers have the rich lex, Germany Rhine MLPC chemical, the northeast of China fertilizer, France. Then the supply of such products on the market gradually by manufacturers from China, on behalf of the manufacturer with hebi YuanHao new material co. , LTD. Chinese-made thiourea classes promoter quality has been widely recognised by customers at home and abroad, has become one of the rubber additives on the market small breed representative. As the country and the people to the attention of the healthy environmental protection, environmental protection new thiourea type accelerator products market prospects, on behalf of PUR products are promoting agent determined by MTT, promoting agent. Know more information about neoprene diving suit or products, please visit the birch hing co. , LTD's website.
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