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by:Huaxing     2020-09-22

winter surfing, is not to say that you're wearing a two-thirds mm water will be cold, professional racing swimsuits and we see swimsuit looks almost at ordinary times, actually is not a thing completely & ndash; Ordinary swimsuit, reach pulling can feel obvious elastic fabrics, deformation is easy. And professional racing swimsuits, tried their nursing is difficult to pull. Now wear leggings girl more and more, also has a lot of endurance enthusiasts will wear compression pants, believes that many people will through the compression pants obviously feel the compression pants than harder to wear some tight pants. Women's clothing surf clothing thickness, heat losses more slowly, just make sure your surfing time can be longer. In the middle of February to April two-thirds mm will be very comfortable, followed by paragraph is bust to wear to the beginning of may. 'surfing garment factory in guangzhou women's clothing quick-drying surf clothing just as its name implies is the clothes dry faster, he is not my sweat blot, but will sweat quickly transferred to the surface of the clothes, through the air circulation will sweat evaporates, thus achieve the goal of quick-drying. Women's surfing clothes general speed drying drying speed is 50% faster than cotton fabric, at the time of surfing, quick-drying clothes ensure you not when surfing on the beach after wearing uncomfortable. The seemingly simple circular collar collar, process requirement is very high, flat pressed collar type, let your whole temperament immediately rise. No matter you are young, handsome cool or connotation charm person, can control the contracted and not simple vest as well. Bosideng summer h vest, select material, natural cotton fabrics, upper body comfortable breathe freely, healthy, natural, according to the Asian man stereo clipping, whole body 3 d version, cultivate one's morality type, apparent, for exercise. 'surfing garment factory in guangzhou is the swimsuit is not only wear on the beach, to wear good-looking, of course, also consider their own body conditions, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses is one of the best suction eye countermeasures. Diving suit can also prevent sunburn, don't think not sunburn in the sea, the clear waters can be isolated from the heat of the sun, but the ultraviolet light can penetrate the clear waters and refraction on the surface of the water, ultraviolet (uv) will be more intense, so the diving suit is prevented bask in effect is very important. A lot of people will take it when at ordinary times or summer small vest, women's surfing clothes is novel and fashionable tees, buy beautiful swimsuit must reveal a lot, womens surf clothing are chosen for you, the you will become a eye-catching scene shoreline enhance their self-confidence, improve sexy. This tight workout clothes, breathable perspiration, feels comfortable, tight design can improve the efficiency of the muscles, reduce muscles tremor and shaking. The sets of workout clothes as a whole is relatively novel style, quick-drying fabric, instant moisture absorption perspiration, unafraid to oily; The design of joint human body, make the activities freely say that kind of trend, upper body feel sports fan, should run male fan can be said to be authentic, feel is smooth and fine.
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