Stealth diving suit and the fish close contact

by:Huaxing     2020-07-23

according to the daily mail reported, a price of 3000 yuan of new 'underwater invisibility cloak' has been developed by scientists. By blocking the spread of the human body electric pulse signal, make the divers will not be found of Marine organisms. Biologists can wear this suit is close to the ferocious shark Marine life. Many sea creatures rely on 'electrical pulse signal to sense' close the existence of the organism. When underwater, the people of every muscle contraction, heart beat and even brain activity produces electrical pulse signal and the sharks, lobster, eels and other Marine life perception. Biologists elliott has carried on the test to this diving suit in Hawaii. Wear this diving suit, he said, his first swim was successfully caught three lobster class of small animals, it is hard to do before. The diving suit by New Zealand a stealth technology company HECS Aquatic invention. Inventor distribution outside the diving suit some carbon fiber mesh, to reduce the strong electric field energy. This diving suit to block most of the spread of the pulse signal, can block 95% of the human body muscle activity sends out electric signals. This means that people can close contact with all sorts of animals and underwater not scare them away, certainly not eaten by a shark. At present, the diving suit in Europe, Australia and New Zealand for about 2666 yuan, in North America and Mexico region sells for about 3000 yuan. An experience of this diving suit, said: 'when I was diving in the Bahamas recently, have the opportunity to put on a 'stealth diving suit. Put on after, I found that most Marine animals are swimming around me, near me, if I don't exist. 'To learn more about the news, welcome to visit the neoprene diving suit factory dongguan birch hing co. , LTD's website. Recommend a news: surf clothing manufacturers take you know the sport of surfing
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