Select the key point of diving suit

by:Huaxing     2020-07-24

suit can have heat preservation effect not only, also can protect the divers from rocks or harmful animals plants. Normally, water temperatures in the above 27 degrees don't wear suits; Below 20 degrees wearing a wet suit; The water temperature is below 10 degrees you need to wear dry clothes. Diving suit is made up of closed pores and two layers of synthetic fiber, rubber thickness by 1 mm 6 mm range, there are various colors to choose from, is suitable for the water temperature in different areas, latitude, season. Choose to suit, the most important thing is fit, ill-fitting suit not only cannot achieve the effect of warm, when diving will also drop water, affect the action. Suggestion: diving depth shall not exceed 60 meters, underwater has the effects of temperature and pressure, even if is again good diving suit also should keep at this depth.
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