Neoprene performance

by:Huaxing     2020-08-10

a chloroprene rubber, neoprene, performance has good physical and mechanical properties, oil resistance, heat resistance, burning resistance, light resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to chemical reagent, etc. Defect is the difference in cold tolerance and storage stability. Has high tensile strength, elongation, reversible crystalline and good adhesion. Ageing resistance and heat resistance. Excellent oil resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. Weather resistance and ozone aging resistance after ethylene, propylene rubber and butyl rubber. Heat resistance and NBR is the same. Decomposition temperature is 230 - Short-term temperature 260 ℃, 120 - The 80-150 ℃, the long-term working temperature 100 ℃, flame retardant. Oil resistant only after the nitrile rubber. Is good for inorganic acid, alkali corrosion resistance. Cold tolerance is a bit poor, electric insulation is bad. Raw rubber storage stability, can appear the phenomenon of the sulfur. Mooney viscosity increased, raw rubber to harden. Second, the neoprene neoprene 2 price. 8 - 3. 5 w/t rubber imports to domestic and abroad to pay the tax of 20%, came in as domestic price, usually at around 24000. Had better not worse than the worst of the one thousand, unless it is the worst one. Three synthetic rubber, neoprene fabric laminated fabric is known as the diving material. In fact, neoprene diving material generic term is abroad. Diving material specific classification can be divided into: 1. SBR( Styrene - styrene butadiene rubber Butadiene rubber) 85% SBR and 15% Cr ratio mixed adhesive, physical quality, moderate price, suitable for all kinds of USES, suitable for sports and health care tools, horse, gloves, shoes, bags, gifts, mouse pads, belts, cushion, chair cover. 。 。 2. SCR: SBR/CR senior mixture ( Compound/CS/SCR) Mixes, SBR, CR has two kinds of rubber performance. It not only improves the basic physical properties of products, and according to the different chromium content than developed different grades of products, to meet the diversification of customer needs. 30% 70% styrene butadiene rubber and neoprene mixture quality advantage more, applicable to the higher price brand products. Suitable for: fishing fishing pants, pants, etc. , surf pants, sports medical apparatus and instruments, harness, shoes, bags, gloves, belts, cushions, seat covers, etc. 3. Cr: ( 氯丁橡胶) 氯丁橡胶。 Its characteristics: ozone resistance, aging resistance, high toughness, super elasticity, Gao Yanshen rate and the best sponge soft and comfortable. Applicable to all water sports products: or diving depth is less than 30 meters diving suit material. 。 。 Diving material thickness: 1 mm to 40 mm can be split. According to the needs of customers, can choose a variety of options: suitable for stamping/embossed/viscose cloth: nylon laminated fabric ( NMEIJA) , tetolon accretion layer fabric ( T the us and Canada) , lycra, silk fabric, OK, stair fabric and nonwoven fabric, wool fabric, fabric and PK fabric, wear resistant fabric, printed fabric, camouflage fabric, elastic fabric, cotton fabric, Single or double fabric fabric) Cameo: can increase the appearance, friction, anti-skid functions. Stamping, plasticity, permeability is good, can improve the heat removal effect is good.
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