Neoprene material purchase requirements

by:Huaxing     2020-08-12
Make sure you need the neoprene material, please according to you to make the product to choose the appropriate materials. If you don't know how to choose, please tell us your purpose, our professional staff will recommend to you the right material. Or send us your samples, we can help you identify. Please tell you need the product thickness, can use vernier calipers, it is best to use professional thickness gauge measurement, due to the neoprene material is software, when measuring the pressure is not too large, with vernier caliper can move freely as well. Please let us know you need the color of the fabric, please see the color of the color is we have first, and if so, please tell us the color number. If not, please send us the sample, or let us know the color number, we can provide to determine knitting dyeing. But if the amount is less than 100 kg, will be an extra charge VAT fee. 4. Joint whether you need the resistance to solvent laminating, need to see your product is used in what place, if the product is the sea, such as diving suits, surfing clothes, etc. , will need to be solvent resistant joint. General gifts, gear and other common joint. If you are not sure, please let us know we use, we can help you to decide. How to choose optional order ', we have to choose the size of the 51 x 130. Delivery time: normally delivery time is 2 - 4 days, such as the need special dyeing, delivery is 15 days. Packing: usually a package, please will immediately after receive the goods in the open square, otherwise due to the curly, part of the inner core can produce crease. In the thickness of the thickness and length error: error of plus or minus 10% or so. If 3 mm thickness, the actual thickness in 2. 7 - 3. 3 mm. The minimum error was plus or minus 0. About 2 mm. The maximum error of plus or minus 0. 5mm。 Length error of plus or minus 5% percentage points or so, usually long, more wide.
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