Made of lycra dress lycra fabric you can distinguish between?

by:Huaxing     2020-07-21
“ Lycra & throughout; Is the transliteration of English word LYCRA, it in 1937 by the German bayer ( Bayer) Research is successful, in 1959 the United States dupont ( DuPont) Start manufacturing lycra dress lycra fabric production, you can distinguish between? Lycra fabric and modal there are many similarities in characteristics, easy to make people confused. Some people think that the modal is made of pure cotton lycra, in fact, this view is wrong. The characteristics of these two kinds of fabric is different. 1. Modal can be made into clothing separately, and lycra must be mixed with other fibres. 2. According to its own characteristic, modal than to lycra underwear fabrics, because it is soft and breathable, close-fitting, 100% natural. 3. Leica is more elastic than modell, this is the reason why lycra modell no soft. So leica is used to model body underwear, gym suit, such as a swimsuit model body stronger clothing. Read the above content, the choose and buy lycra fabric is if you will not choose the wrong, hope to help you, lycra can enhance the elasticity of fabric, it can be used with a variety of different fiber combination, whether natural or synthetic fiber, will not change the look and texture of fabric. If your leica laundry clothes often, pay attention to our website or inquire, we can give you a satisfactory answer!
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