Learn the diving suit with a bathing suit for a second resolution!

by:Huaxing     2020-07-23
When scuba diving diving suit is diving supplies, used to prevent heat loss too fast, causing loss of temperature, at the same time also can protect the divers from harmful animals, plants and rocks or learn the diving suit with a bathing suit for a second resolution! What is the difference between diving suit and a bathing suit? The function of the swimsuit and beautiful, small resistance; The function of the diving suit more, insulation, protection and thicker fabric. The most important thing is to choose the diving suit. Inappropriate diving suit not only can achieve the effect of warm, can also be suction when diving. The swimsuit is a special swimming clothes. Usually, the swimsuit in the water without sinking. What is the difference between diving suit and a bathing suit? Diving suit's main function is to prevent the temperature loss too fast and causing the temperature drop. Second, diving suit also can protect the body against hurt by coral reefs and jellyfish anemones biological damage. In general, the water temperature in 27 degrees or above, don't wear a submersible; Below 20 degrees in wet diving suit; When the water temperature is less than 10 degrees, need to wear dry diving suit. Diving suit by microporous rubber sealed and two layers of synthetic fiber. The thickness range from 1 mm to 6 mm. It has many colors to choose from, suitable for different area, the latitude and season. Birch xing is a research and development, production, sales in the integration of diving equipment production enterprise, the company has complete production research and development team and scientific quality management system, professional production and processing diving suit, diving equipment, prevent bask in clothes, surfing clothes, yoga clothing, swimsuit, swim trunks, etc. Sporting goods.
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