Know about the underwater ball movement

by:Huaxing     2020-08-12

is a new project in the scuba diving underwater ball movement, it is not only the fierce competition of underwater projects, and is a good way to dive technical training. There are two kinds of underwater ball ─ ─ underwater football and hockey. Underwater rugby field long 17 m, 10 m wide, depth of water 3. 5 ~ 5 m, bottom and surface set back line and line respectively. Ball box is a diameter of 390 mm, 450 mm barrel framework, respectively, in the middle of the stadium at both ends. Underwater hockey field 25 m long and 12 m wide, depth is 2 ~ 4 m, bottom and surface set back line and line respectively. Goal 3 m wide, 180 mm high, at the bottom. Lead ball is a circular piece of cake, bread has protective materials, outside the ball diameter of 80 mm, 30 mm thick, weighs 1500 grams. Player the ball for a wooden stick, long for 250 ~ 300 mm, maximum width of 120 mm, the minimum width is 90 mm, the thickness of at least 17. 5 mm, like that of a wrench. The whole game for 30 minutes. By two teams of six players of the game, wear simple diving apparatus, holding a stick in the underwater passing, dribbling, shooting, only when in the air out of the water. Every ball stick to attack each other's players, consciously stop each other attacking players are foul. According to how many evaluation scoring game, scored 1 ball for 1 minute. The perimeter of the ball is 570 ~ 580 mm, inside filled with larger concentration of brine and not to rise. The whole game for 30 minutes. By two teams of six players, the game wearing simple diving apparatus breathless for underwater. Game's passing, dribbling, dribbling, shooting underwater, athletes can only be out of the water in air. Game of both sides of the ball can pull, holding, pushing, etc. But shall not damage the body and pull out the other side of the instrument, or foul. How many to assess the outcome of the game according to the goal. Diving competition venues and equipment of flow velocity in natural waters competition area cannot be greater than zero. 27 m/SEC, no more than 3 waves, transparency in more than 2 m, the depth of the water in 2. More than 5 m, the water temperature is not lower than 20 degrees Celsius. Linear orientation field is an isosceles triangle vertex as the starting point, bottom edge to the finish line, start and end fixed clear sign should be provided. The finish line to pull the water a floating line, center set one obvious markers. According to the distance a 20 m or 40 m end door. Curve the turning point and the door of directional grounds obvious fixed signs, and marked in different colors to distinguish the door label and turn. For more information, please visit the neoprene diving suit factory dongguan birch hing co. , LTD's website. Recommend a news: stealth diving suit and the fish close contact
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