Interpretation of the swimsuit for you replace common sense

by:Huaxing     2020-07-27

a, chest have indentation swimsuit companies find rims as a framework, this outline should be suited to the chest and then give it a retainer force, but if too small presses on the chest, will like cut tofu cut the original belong to the breast fat to go out, breasts will become more and more small. Second, chest cup often move up the situation is very awkward, especially cup continually to move up. So many MM have to associated in the public field place, garment and chest. Is in is very indecent! Three, the back has a trench swimsuit companies will usually show hemline is too tight, need to zoom in size. Or the bottom edge is too narrow, easy to go in, cause trench. Want to dress as far as possible the bra straps widened. Four, straps fall swimsuit company often thought the reasons for this phenomenon may have two, one is the underwear if they cannot forgive pine, slipped up is likely to happen after the shoulder strap.
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