Huizhou where can learn diving

by:Huaxing     2020-08-16

the school tail beach scenic spot is a few kilometers long, is regarded as one of China's most beautiful seascape, summer, blue sky, in the winter, evil wind cen cen, like a moody girl, but the school does not prevent the people to the tail. School end games is characteristic of water sports, diving; For diving season in April to November, because at that time the weather and water temperature are good, very suitable for the water, and, of course, also can learn diving in the winter, but small make up estimate a lot of people are not used to go to the beach in the winter. Huizhou school tail wave field god diving club many ISA jointly by huizhou diving association, vice President of the international certification diving coach create diving club, have professional system of courses, can let you faster better understand and master the diving theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Want to learn diving friends, find love wandering one-stop service. Tail wave field god club teaching mode in the school, now the shore theory explanation, simulation exercises, and then into the sea of actual combat practice diving skills, diving coach in side to help push board and real-time teaching students, let students more profound understanding and experience of diving fun, experience the charm of blue opium. May be a lot of people would ask, I can't swim can learn diving? The dangers of diving? What equipment need to bring? Some problems and so on. The answer is diving is a relatively safe water sports, diving club coach in the beginning of the class can explain diving safety knowledge and skills, and down to the sea, diving coach is on the side care, more important is in the sea area to practice, is relatively shallow, even if fall into the sea, one stand up with respect to OK, so diving is very safe, and even can't swim, like people can learn diving. To end a diving need take equipped with bathing suit, towel, sunscreen; These provided by the sea god diving club diving equipment. To learn more and diving suit related information or products, please visit dongguan fo xing's official website http://www. sbart8。 com。
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