How to correctly choose surfing the clothes

by:Huaxing     2020-08-01

surf clothing is one of the most basic equipment to surf. So, choose surfing clothes from time to tome what tricks? What surfing clothes should choose different season? Surfing clothes and how to maintain? Surfing clothes worn out? Choose surfing clothes: surf for beginners to choose surfing clothes may be a hindrance, it can be to seek the aid of friends, surf club. Generally surfing clothes can choose according to individual need the thickness of the material, length, brand, etc. Good surf clothing can have a better flexibility, warmth retention property, wind resistance. , and at the same time good surf clothing prices generally will be between $300 to $500. Winter surf choose protective clothing: all the four seasons can surf just to choose according to different weather gear, surfing recommends buying protective clothing when the day is cold, can achieve the effect of the wind to keep warm. The size of the protective clothing is divided into different sizes s, m, l, xl, at the same time also will be divided into short, general and long length. Advice when buying exposure suit in person to the store within a try before you buy. Spring: surfing surfing clothes also points of different thickness of 2 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm. Spring in California needs thickness is divided into 2 cm of surf. Summer surfing: boys need to surf in summer in California surf pants, girls need a bikini or swimsuit. Swimsuit material is the best and the polyester fiber or elastic fibers. Don't choose cotton clothing in the water, because it will increase water weight. Maintenance methods: surf clothing is usually connect plate, wear need to pick up you spell it, surf clothing seams colloid is very susceptible to corrosion of salt. So after surfing suggestion surfing clothes, wash with water and dry in a cool, ventilated place don't exposure. After the garment has a certain time limit, surf rushed and in a cool, ventilated place dry, wash with water, completes the maintenance of surfing can use time to be in commonly 2 to 3 years. But if often surf clothing exposure can lead to rubber embrittlement caused damage, or hard material scratch can also cause damage. Surfing the garment broken, small damage can to repair tools, online purchase the larger damage need to change the surf. That is news and information about surfing clothing choice, for more information, welcome to surf garment factory in dongguan birch hing co. , LTD. Website ( http://www。 sbart8。 com) 。
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