How to choose diving suit?

by:Huaxing     2020-07-21

diving suit strategy: these is enough! Diving suit can reduce the temperature loss when diving, protect when you dive from scratch, stabbed or scratches. But wear and take off is a very troublesome thing. In the tropical diving, we can only wear convenient portable jellyfish, but where the water temperature is a bit low, we can't resist wear a suit. Especially new neoprene diving suit, difficult and time-consuming to wear. Sometimes it is hard to control it. You must find a diving partner to help you get rid of it. Some even think that diving suits are hard to wear, because they are not the right size. Tip 1: what's the size of your suit? Wet diving suit close to the body, it really is not easy, it's too easy to wear, you should consider whether the size of the suit. At this point, you can check whether there is any remaining space after wearing, can even another clothes in it. If so, then it's not warm. Maybe you just need to wear 3 mm warm clothes, but you need to wear clothes of 5 mm to feel warm. But if the suit is too small, it is difficult for you to wear, will make you feel uncomfortable. If is compressed after diving suit to wear, you will feel difficulty in breathing, pull up, back zipper will slide, sleeves and his trousers are too short, it suggests that suit is too small. Tip 2: some super practical thing to let you easy to wear a suit. 1, dress skillfully use of plastic bags. You a plastic bag can be set on foot, so that your feet can easily through the leg opening, also if you feel a hand through the sleeve is very difficult also can use this method. 2, let your partner to your cuff blow. When your hand through the sleeve, feel neoprene adhesive on your skin, it is difficult to bring clothes. At this time, you can let your partner to blow your cuffs, let air into the cuffs, separate the skin and clothes, so you can easily pull up her clothes. 3, wear a suit in the water more easily. If possible, try to wear swimming pool, or shallow diving suit. After diving suit into the water, neoprene won't stick on your skin. 4, dressed in diving suits of jellyfish. Try to jellyfish suit on your diving suits, not only increase the volume, and make you very easy to put on your suit. 5, use water-based lubricant. Divers wearing a suit, you can apply a small amount of water based lubricant on the ankles and wrists. The wrist and ankle zipper. Zipper makes it easier to wear a suit. Some suits the wrists and ankles have zipper, but many manufacturers think zipper affects the warmth retention property of diving suit. Of course, if you don't have a zipper, you can find the tailor's help, but it will add to the amount of water in and out, and reduce the heat insulation effect.
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