Guangzhou womens surf clothing production technology introduction

by:Huaxing     2020-09-19

to wash after each dive, and thoroughly dried before storage, reduce your wet clothes and your skin friction between the easiest way to use a variety of lubricating oil, including detergents, hair conditioner, talcum powder. However, these can cause skin irritation and may be harmful to the Marine environment. In particular, avoid oily texture of lubricant, because these may be corrosion diving suit, shorten its life. If you must use lubricant, choose water, this way to diving suit and environment will choose elastic better super elastic material diving suit dress clothes after each dive, sun-protective clothing may have salt residue or dirt, so must be thoroughly flushed to prevent lycra fiber decomposition. In addition, the need to completely dry before storage, to ensure that the lycra fiber clean, no smell, and prevent mildew. Guangzhou women's clothing production technology introduction to women's surf dress quick-drying surfing as the name suggests is the clothes dry faster, he is not my sweat blot, but will sweat quickly transferred to the surface of the clothes, through the air circulation will sweat evaporates, thus achieve the goal of quick-drying. Women's surfing clothes general speed drying drying speed is 50% faster than cotton fabric, at the time of surfing, quick-drying clothes ensure you not when surfing on the beach after wearing uncomfortable. Diving suit can also prevent sunburn, don't think not sunburn in the sea, the clear waters can be isolated from the heat of the sun, but the ultraviolet light can penetrate the clear waters and refraction on the surface of the water, ultraviolet (uv) will be more intense, so the diving suit is prevented bask in effect is very important. About diving is the most difficult thing, probably, No, it isn't about, it is sure! ) Neoprene diving suit use: 1. Heat preservation; 2. Avoid direct contact with the sea creatures. The principle of insulation: general wet clothes of the material is neoprene, through tiny air cavity of foaming rubber block outside in the cold water. The more wet clothes fit, the less they can contact with your skin water, so the more warm your wet clothes in underwater. Because the water take away rate 25 times that of air temperature. And temperate zone to the consequences of loss is very serious and even life-threatening. Womens surf clothing is a time when wearing a diving suit! A comfortable fit suit can let you wear off easily on land effortlessly. Here are a few tips can help you avoid wear suit sweat or snap nails.
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