Guangzhou women's surfing clothes how to distinguish the quality

by:Huaxing     2020-09-17

guangzhou womens surf clothing quality how to recognize in this hot summer, little not going with the surfboard and swimming laps surf beach swimming. Because they just need to women's surfing can solve the cause of women's surf clothing choice in this moment becomes especially important. Beach pants is not the product of today's society, as early as 1800, when people began to flock to the beach to play, and it began to appear a bathing suit. By the end of the 19th century, Britain must require men to take a bath in public wearing pants and a sleeve blouse ( Similar to a T-shirt) In the 1930 s, men's swimming trunks appear gradually. In the 1970 s, young people like wearing special color bright swimming trunks. But the beach near the wide variety of beach pants. Is when you're in a beach pants, will find that digital products such as mobile phones become nowhere, and you are very worried about it will get wet by water. Wear swimming suit biggest advantage is to keep warm. Always wear 2. 5 mm neoprene material scuba diving vests in the swimming pool to swim. Vest is better than long-sleeved wetsuit, does not affect the arm stretching. Feel very very warm. How long soak in the water is not cold. But you must try to choose close tightly, otherwise easy to take water, formation of resistance. Characteristic of this kind of neoprene diving suit is solid durable, do not use too alkaline liquid detergent cleaning, and there is nothing to pay attention to. The water layer can slowly ascend to temperature flat with you, it is very fit body wet suit, wear it's really not a easy thing, very easy to put on you should consider whether the size of the diving suit, you can check whether put on after still leave some space, even also can wear a dress. Diving suit, if it is not warm role. May be you need to wear protective clothing, 3 mm at this time but you need to wear a 5 mm to feel warm. Women's surfing clothes and keep your skin in the process of diving warm body feeling. Some people prefer according to your own custom size wet diving suit, if you have a custom diving suit, you can specify some details, colors, and some other ready-made diving suit do not have additional Settings. Guangzhou womens surf clothing quality how to distinguish the V collar modified neck, sexy side arm covered meat; Women's surfing clothes chest under collect waist can be designed to cover the stomach stretched down ratio; Loose trousers, covered the hips, and thighs look more fine. Women's surfing garment caper on the shoulder of the bowknot, against the pure white color is particularly clever but person. After diving diving suit soaking water and avoid sun exposure, stored in a ventilated and cool place as much as possible. Zipper will often lubrication, not long-term fold in order to prevent the bubble synthetic rubber cannot recover buckling. The swimsuit, now would be the most stylish swimsuit ready, also can prevent bask in. Diving suit can be divided into dry type diving suit and wet diving suit. As the name implies, dry is waterproof bai, wet is not waterproof, but also can keep the body temperature is not easy to lost, let the children have a correct understanding on scuba diving, and generate interest. To improve self-confidence and strain capacity, strengthen the Marine ecological environmental protection consciousness, make children build up the idea of protecting ocean since childhood. Largest diving depth of no more than 4 meters. Waiting for the arrival of summer and holiday
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