Guangzhou swimsuit what's it made of

by:Huaxing     2020-08-31

what guangzhou swimsuit made swimsuit diving as a tourism project, non-professional person also can experience. As an ordinary tourists, whether to need to purchase a diving suit? If need be, and should be how to buy the right dress? Swimsuit fiber content is the main quality indexes of textile products is one of the important factors that determine product value, for the consumer, to understand the choose and buy clothes fiber materials and the basis of performance. The inspection found that the fiber content is not consistent in polyamide annotation into polyester fiber, and marked with spandex, measured results without spandex, annotation, swimsuit two tags with fiber content is not consistent, or tags do not match the fiber content in the label of durability. This diving suit put on, in fact not really let you can realize the stealth from head to toe, if the eyes are good biological or to see you there is very clear. The skinny camel said in weibo & other; I saw in the dressing room before the game the boys to help each other throughout the butt into swimming trunks &; It really is very common phenomenon in swimming team. 20 - wear a bathing suit In 30 minutes, light wear is not, it will take a long time to adjust, slowly slowly move parts of the body, is really wear well. No teammates help, especially wear one-piece women, almost impossible oneself & other; Plug & throughout; To go in. The aquifer can ascend to slowly with your temperature, wet suit is our one of the most important when diving diving equipment, it can reduce a loss when you are diving, and protect you while scuba diving from the scratch, stab wounds. While diving in the tropics convenient we can just wear light of jellyfish, but where the water temperature was slightly lower, not resist wearing a wet suit. So choose a suitable size of diving suits, will let you have a better while scuba diving. A bathing suit and keep your skin warm body in the process of diving. Some people prefer according to your own custom size wet diving suit, if you have a custom diving suit, you can specify some details, colors, and some other ready-made diving suit do not have additional Settings. Diving suits, pay more attention to heat preservation, relative surfing is thick and lack of flexibility, that professional swimsuit and ordinary bathing suit wearing method respectively. It is important to note that the professional swimsuit under wet condition, particularly bad to wear, so it's best when worn, body and swimsuit is in dry condition. Should be with water before launching will get wet swimsuit, let the swimsuit sucked into water, so can prevent the pool chemicals or minerals in the sea water is absorbed by the swimsuit and destroy the swimsuit. After swimming, rinse the body and then take off the swimsuit. Swimsuit for diving under water is usually cold, also do not need to be strenuous exercise. While surfing pay more attention to the convenience of a movement, generally thinner and is flexible, because when surfing on the surface of the water, basic need for intense sport.
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