Guangzhou swimsuit costs

by:Huaxing     2020-09-03

regularly clean with mild detergent machine wash or manually sun-protective clothing. If you are very afraid of the cold chose a number of smaller diving suits, put on the diving suit oppress obviously after feeling makes you feel difficulty breathing, after on the back of the zipper pull will slide down, hand cuff and his trousers are too short all of these show that this suit is too small for you. Bathing suit while cleaning after each dive can maintain its clean, regular cleaning is still necessary, but because it can make sure that no residual dirt or gravel. Please use horizontal or hanging on the clothes rack to dry, avoid by all means use desiccant. Industrial desiccant will be graded lycra fiber, in the long run, will damage the sun-protective clothing. Guangzhou swimsuit costs how swimsuit breathable surfing clothes about this and water features, the surface of the water have tension, can be found in your life, when we pour water drops a little higher than that of water tends to also won't flow, this is the result of water surface tension. Bathing suit no matter in what kind of clothes collocation, bind element has been represented on all full, simple lace-up can reflect a kind of design sense, than large hollow out more implicative, more lasting appeal. Besides common chest strap style, and bind this come below design, irregular bind belt, stretching from the bikini created a comfortable feeling at will. This phenomenon is mainly because the water molecules only has a larger molecular attraction, make each water molecule as closely as possible and not separate, fiber content and water vapor is the same water molecules is the main quality indexes of textile products is one of the important factors that determine product value, for the consumer, to understand the choose and buy clothes fiber materials and the basis of performance. The inspection found that the fiber content is not consistent in polyamide annotation into polyester fiber, and marked with spandex, measured results without spandex, annotation, swimsuit two tags with fiber content is not consistent, or tags do not match the fiber content in the label of durability. Guangzhou swimsuit costs how swimsuit if strait photographer put on the diving suit, you can easily catch the ocean a lot of animals, even sharks can also close, but get sharks around even if it can't see you will still have the feeling of terror, it is we can see, after all. Bathing suit oily lubricant ( Such as petroleum jelly) , will damage the diving suit made of neoprene, so do not use this kind of oil, grease or any oil-based compound products as a lubricant wear to take off the diving suit. Imagine if at the moment you put on the stealth diving suit, can you beside the shark, lobster, rays, eels. Chloride in water and swimming pool water will affect the service life of the swimsuit, available water to fully wet before launching, as this can help to reduce the water of the sea or pool chlorinated water infiltration of the swimsuit, corrosion, can increase the service life of the swimsuit. Remember timely clean with clear water after swimming suit, do not use detergent, bleach, etc. , the water temperature with below 30 ℃ advisable, gently twist dry after washed by hand, put the swimsuit in dry in a cool and dry place, can't use high temperature drying and ironing.
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