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by:Huaxing     2020-09-24

the correct maintenance after each dive is the key to keep sun-protective clothing clean, no peculiar smell. As small and pure and fresh style restoring ancient ways, swimsuit also opens the multielement style. Restoring ancient ways of stripe and wave point elements, small and pure and fresh morandi, drive the swimsuit in the new term & ndash; Fashion, design fashion avant-garde. And separates no longer only a bikini, of course, have a ma3 jia3 line can still without any pressure to choose a bikini. Have small protruding abdomen can choose the swimsuit of tall waist design, this design successfully weakened belly line, is the ultimate in beach. Surf men's clothing the following maintenance program to ensure it still in good condition after years of diving. Wet diving suit must be very close, it can provide better protection. Oil-based lubricants ( Such as petroleum jelly) , will damage the diving suit made of neoprene, so do not use this kind of oil, grease or any oil-based compound products as a lubricant wear to take off the diving suit. Men's clothing once you enter the water, there will be a thin layer into your diving suit, filling between the skin and the inner diving suit. Guangzhou men's clothing wholesale men's surf clothing using a variety of colorful printing, restoring ancient ways is full of s, men's surfing clothes shouldn't be wonderful to feel a little tacky. Used the ordinary printing, stripes, wave point, need a little fresh to refresh perception of beauty. Fiber content is the main quality indexes of textile products is one of the important factors that determine product value, for the consumer, to understand the choose and buy clothes fiber materials and the basis of performance. The inspection found that the fiber content is not consistent in polyamide annotation into polyester fiber, and marked with spandex, measured results without spandex, annotation, swimsuit two tags with fiber content is not consistent, or tags do not match the fiber content in the label of durability. Behind the seemingly simple style design, the production process is not simple, you can be a eye-catching scene shoreline were elaborated. Sweat is often wear on the main factors of diving suit. If dry skin is difficult to put on neoprene diving suit, so it is almost impossible for sweating of the skin. To compensate for this, as far as possible in a cool place to wear wet clothes; If you have already sweating, take a cold after wearing wet clothes again! Or directly to wet diving suit, you will make the rubber more flexible, less sticky skin. You put on a diving suit, you couldn't reach, also want to help you diving buddies, in his wet clothes
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