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by:Huaxing     2020-08-24

the correct maintenance after each dive is the key to keep sun-protective clothing clean, no peculiar smell. Some people think that coated with soap, detergent and so on are more likely to put on a diving suit, but they are non-biodegradable material, and if the daub on the body, scuba diving is into the water environmental pollution and even now the biodegradable soap, rinse clean smear in the body is not timely, also can stimulate and damage your skin. Exercise suit under the maintenance program to ensure it still in good condition after years of diving. Guangzhou sports a workout clothes and durable sports fitness clothing womens surf clothing jacket USES 100% of the heavy duty PVC material, besides can be used as ordinary life jackets, outside still covering nylon. Sports fitness service according to the choice of water temperature is different from person to person diving material thickness, have to remind that for underwater photographer, especially to take macro need still friends to choose more thicker diving suit. But not the better the more thick, you need to know is when the water temperature is low, the quantity of heat of your body will keep on of being taken away by the sea. At the same time it equipped with a safety air valve and armguard, guarantee you absolutely safe when surfing. And then, its volume can only be used to describe a huge, a bit like a sumo suit! At the neck and arms made open design. Barbells, running machine, and so on fitness equipment. The choice of a good workout clothes, can maximum reduce the risk of accidental injury or muscle damage, and reduce the friction and resistance, this is a workout clothes indelible contribution. Our natural demand for workout clothes is its performance, the use of special action way and method to exercise, also increase the strength of the developed muscles, improves posture and edify sentiment, and workout clothes with you the whole process of fitness. Guangzhou sports fitness clothing durable V modified neck collar, sexy side arm covered meat; Exercise suit under the chest closed waist can be designed to cover the stomach stretched down; Loose trousers, covered the hips, and thighs look more fine. Exercise suit hopping on the shoulder of the bowknot, against the pure white color is particularly clever but person. Zipper will make it easier to put on a diving suit, some diving suit itself with the wrist and ankle zipper, but there are many manufacturers think zipper affects the warmth retention property of diving suit. Of course if your suit is not zipper you can find the tailor to help, but it will increase in the volume of water to be in and out, to reduce the effect of heat preservation. The swimsuit, will be the most stylish swimsuit ready now, but, now, in addition to the movement situation, sports vest can also become an important item of various fashion look, showing full movement and vitality. Interested in little fairies come quickly made summer sports look sports vest. Sports vest compared with the ordinary midriff vest, more sporty, show vitality and youth like little fairies can pick a sport wear a vest, build your summer sports look oh! Waiting for the arrival of summer and holiday
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