Guangzhou quick-drying breathable fission what surfing clothes made of

by:Huaxing     2020-09-06

guangzhou quick-drying breathable fission what surfing clothes made of wet suit is the most commonly used diving suit, made from synthetic rubber foam material, general thickness from 3 mm to 10 mm, seeping into the cold water was cut off clothes won't permeate out and by body heat conduction, heat up quickly. Pear-shaped body should pay attention to highlight the waist line, when choosing the swimsuit can more naked upper body skin, weaken the lower half of the sense, the best choice is separates! This part of the body has a small skirt design separates, can show slender waist, also can cover the meat most appropriate bottom and thighs. And tall waist separates, the design of tall waist can improve lumbar line direct tensile, pocket live proud flesh at the same time to build the effect of tight buttocks. Quick-drying breathable fission surfing clothes this isolation by inactive bubbles, quick-drying breathable fission surfing clothes can prevent the loss of body heat, fit the wet diving clothes, can make the internal and external exchange as much as possible to reduce the flow of water, better the isolation. Sweat is often wear on the main factors of diving suit. If dry skin is difficult to put on neoprene diving suit, so it is almost impossible for sweating of the skin. To compensate for this, as far as possible in a cool place to wear wet clothes; If you have already sweating, take a cold after wearing wet clothes again! Or directly to wet diving suit, you will make the rubber more flexible, less sticky skin. You put on a diving suit, you couldn't reach, also want to help you diving buddies, in his wet clothes in guangzhou quick-drying surf what clothes made of breathable fission quick-drying breathable fission acme expressive clothing menswear surf clothing lines, color and bold avant-courier, I would like their eclectic, dare to first, whether in the cut, lines, textures and details, colletto is delicate and independent of the top grade. { Paragraph quick-drying breathable fission surfing clothes the expressive force of the bold and unconstrained style v-neck, bind, ring type swimsuit design. These holiday photos, in addition to the beautiful scenery, the most striking should be DebiFlugge swimsuit model, like a big, beautiful swimsuit show, can not help but let a person gutty want to buy a bathing suit to the impulse of the sea, feel the swimsuit all seven days a week can change in the way! When drab condole belt of decoration, add some feathers do look effect is completely different, dreamy feeling. And low-cut wetsuit can show a perfect chest and waist line oh ~ diving suit generally do not use too many colors. Because the water will lose the original color, the water of the sea and swimming pool in the chlorinated water would affect the service life of the swimsuit, available water to fully wet before launching, as this can help to reduce the water of the sea or swimming pool in chlorinated water infiltration of the swimsuit, corrosion, can increase the service life of the swimsuit. Remember timely clean with clear water after swimming suit, do not use detergent, bleach, etc. , the water temperature with below 30 ℃ advisable, gently twist dry after washed by hand, put the swimsuit in dry in a cool and dry place, can't use high temperature drying and ironing. Quick-drying breathable body surfing clothes may be more ugly. While surfing is not the same, there are a lot of surfing design is very good-looking.
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