Guangzhou quick-drying breathable fission surfing clothes good-looking

by:Huaxing     2020-09-11

guangzhou quick-drying breathable fission surfing clothes good-looking? In this hot summer, little not going with the surfboard and swimming laps surf beach swimming. Because they only need quick-drying breathable fission surfing can solve the reason, quick-drying breathable fission surf clothing choice in this moment becomes especially important. Female swimmers in the water of a large resistance from the chest, the shape of the big chest women need to overcome more resistance, professional racing suits provide a model body compression effect, the fat many parts of the body to use more tight fabric fixed up to drag in swimming & ndash; — This is why watching swimming competition, will feel the woman is flat-chested illusion ( Big mistake) 。 Female contestant oneself also teases, put on racing suit, not stay do not carefully and opposite. But the beach near the wide variety of beach pants. Is when you're in a beach pants, will find that digital products such as mobile phones become nowhere, and you are very worried about it will get wet by water. Right now, in addition to the movement situation, sports vest can also become an important item of various fashion look, showing full of movement and vitality. Interested in little fairies come quickly made summer sports look sports vest. Sports vest compared with the ordinary midriff vest, more sporty, show vitality and youth like little fairies can pick a sport wear a vest, build your summer sports look oh! Guangzhou quick-drying breathable fission clothes good-looking? Quick-drying breathable fission surf clothing and then, its volume can only be used to describe a huge, a bit like a sumo suit! In the neck and arms made open design, can wear like to wear clothes in the body, no matter how high your usual cool leng yan, wear it absolutely let you lovely. Quick-drying breathable fission surf clothing oil-based lubricants ( Such as petroleum jelly) , will damage the diving suit made of neoprene, so do not use this kind of oil, grease or any oil-based compound products as a lubricant wear to take off the diving suit. Elegant lines and classic agile color matching, a see will be deeply attracted to try in a diving suit set after a jellyfish on the clothes will not increase the volume, also can let you easily will suit to wear. 。 In order to better heat preservation effect, suit must be fitted with big and small and pure and fresh style restoring ancient ways of heat, the swimsuit also opens the multielement style. Restoring ancient ways of stripe and wave point elements, small and pure and fresh morandi, drive the swimsuit in the new term & ndash; Fashion, design fashion avant-garde. And separates no longer only a bikini, of course, have a ma3 jia3 line can still without any pressure to choose a bikini. Have small protruding abdomen can choose the swimsuit of tall waist design, this design successfully weakened belly line, is the ultimate in beach. Quick-drying breathable fission surfing clothes we spend a lot of time, the red face to put on it, and let the neoprene like a second skin to stick in the body. Pay attention to the following these tips, you can focus on enjoying diving rather than before.
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