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by:Huaxing     2020-08-18

in all waters, even the most warm water & ndash; — Tropical waters, beach pants is not the product of today's society, as early as 1800, when people began to flock to the beach to play, and it began to appear a bathing suit. By the end of the 19th century, Britain must require men to take a bath in public wearing pants and a sleeve blouse ( Similar to a T-shirt) In the 1930 s, men's swimming trunks appear gradually. In the 1970 s, young people like wearing special color bright swimming trunks. Professional swimsuit you need to be wet or dry diving suit to provide thermal protection, ensure the right temperature and ensure safety. The water can ascend to temperature flat with you slowly, nylon polyamide fiber, its most prominent advantage is wear resistance is higher than all the other fiber, 10 times higher than the cotton resistance to wear and 20 times higher than wool, somewhat to join in the blended fabric polyamide fiber, can greatly improve the wear resistance; When the stretch up to 3 - 6%, the elastic recovery rate is 100%; 。 Nylon fabric swimsuit belongs to the price, of course, compared with the surface of dupont lycra swimsuits, solid degree is not enough, but the degree of elasticity and softness is equal. Professional swimsuit and keep your skin warm body in the process of diving. Some people prefer according to your own custom size wet diving suit, if you have a custom diving suit, you can specify some details, colors, and some other ready-made diving suit do not have additional Settings. Guangzhou professional swimsuit wholesale professional swimsuit using a variety of colorful printing, restoring ancient ways is full of s sense of professional swimsuit was wonderfully didn't feel any tacky. Used the ordinary printing, stripes, wave point, need a little fresh to refresh perception of beauty. Can effectively improve people's physical fitness, and can shape the form, so the favour of people. Workout clothes for safety and comfort, it is absolutely essential. Fitness clothing biggest function is that at the time of exercise can exert our potential to the greatest extent, there is no ordinary clothes, can follow one's inclinations of the movement, any stretching. Even in outdoor activities, also can feel the wearing comfort, but also can protect the body from harm. Behind the seemingly simple style design, the production process is not simple, you can be a eye-catching scene shoreline were elaborated. So when selecting a diving suit, you'll be the first to observe whether four cuffs and collar can be a very good fit his neck and limbs, put on after observe whether the body is also have a bigger space, diving suits, difficult to wear not afraid, it is important to suit yourself.
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