Guangzhou professional swimsuit price

by:Huaxing     2020-08-20

guangzhou professional swimsuit price wet suit is the most commonly used diving suit, made from synthetic rubber foam material, general thickness from 3 mm to 10 mm, seeping into the cold water was cut off clothes won't permeate out and by body heat conduction, heat up quickly. Can effectively improve people's physical fitness, and can shape the form, so the favour of people. Workout clothes for safety and comfort, it is absolutely essential. Fitness clothing biggest function is that at the time of exercise can exert our potential to the greatest extent, there is no ordinary clothes, can follow one's inclinations of the movement, any stretching. Even in outdoor activities, also can feel the wearing comfort, but also can protect the body from harm. Professional swimsuit this isolation by inactive bubbles, professional swimsuit can prevent the body heat loss, fit the wet diving clothes, can make the internal and external exchange as much as possible to reduce the flow of water, better the isolation. Nylon polyamide fiber, its most prominent advantage is wear resistance is higher than all the other fiber, 10 times higher than the cotton resistance to wear and 20 times higher than wool, somewhat to join in the blended fabric polyamide fiber, can greatly improve the wear resistance; When the stretch up to 3 - 6%, the elastic recovery rate is 100%; 。 Nylon fabric swimsuit belongs to the price, of course, compared with the surface of dupont lycra swimsuits, solid degree is not enough, but the degree of elasticity and softness is equal. Wet diving suit in the scuba diver is the most popular way of thermal protection, multifunction tights, & 360 deg; Comprehensive circulation breathable, sweat quick-drying, soft wear-resisting, anti-fouling uv protection. Tight uniform pressure in muscle tissue, promoting venous return, reduce the blood stasis, take away the waste products, improve human energy supply, shorten the recovery time. Fabrics of three-piece fitness series of sports, science and technology, the constant temperature system, sweating cooling, cold, warm, to keep the body comfortable, you can enjoy sports bring pleasure. Professional swimsuit is simple to use, also not expensive. Wet diving suit is made of neoprene, the inside is filled with tiny bubbles. Diving suits, there will be some specially designed for submersible environment consider, female swimmers in the water of a large resistance from the chest, the shape of the big chest women need to overcome more resistance, professional racing suit provides toning the effect of compression, the fat many parts of the body to use more tight fabric fixed up to drag in swimming & ndash; — This is why watching swimming competition, will feel the woman is flat-chested illusion ( Big mistake) 。 Female contestant oneself also teases, put on racing suit, not stay do not carefully and opposite. Professional swimsuit such as some of the wet clothes will have a pocket design, some can enhance the wear resistance of some places, such as the position of the elbow, and surfing.
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