Guangzhou professional suit to use

by:Huaxing     2020-08-20

guangzhou professional suit to use in this hot summer, little not going with the surfboard and swimming laps surf beach swimming. Because only need professional swimsuit can solve the reason, the choice of professional swimsuit at the moment it becomes especially important. When the temperature of the water temperature is higher than your body, then your body temperature will be increased due to the temperature of the water. So to choose the right, not as thick as possible. But the beach near the wide variety of beach pants. Is when you're in a beach pants, will find that digital products such as mobile phones become nowhere, and you are very worried about it will get wet by water. Diving suit is a diver's second skin, its importance to scuba diving is self-evident. It is the basic function of a warm, that's right! Don't think that in the tropical diving don't need to keep warm, want to know the heat transfer capability is the air in the water of 28 times, even stay motionless in the water will also consume a lot of energy. Wet diving suit diving suit and a lot of accessories and equipment, such as independent diving helmet, diving gloves and vest, oil-based lubricants ( Such as petroleum jelly) , will damage the diving suit made of neoprene, so do not use this kind of oil, grease or any oil-based compound products as a lubricant wear to take off the diving suit. Professional swimsuit in diving equipment can buy in the store. These accessories can provide additional temperature and protection, can also according to different dive sites, in the protection degree offers you the choice of diversity. Guangzhou professional swimsuit to use V modified neck collar, sexy side arm covered meat; Professional swimsuit chest under collect waist can be designed to cover the stomach stretched down; Loose trousers, covered the hips, and thighs look more fine. Professional swimsuit caper on the shoulder of the bowknot, in the set off of pure white color is particularly clever but person. Wet suit is a very fit body, put on it really is not an easy thing, so easy to put on you should consider whether the size of the diving suit, you can check whether put on after still leave some space, even also can wear a dress. Diving suit, if it is not warm role. May be you need to wear protective clothing, 3 mm at this time but you need to wear a 5 mm to feel warm. The swimsuit, now would be the most stylish swimsuit ready, lean camel say in weibo & other I saw in the dressing room before the game the boys to help each other throughout the butt into swimming trunks &; It really is very common phenomenon in swimming team. 20 - wear a bathing suit In 30 minutes, light wear is not, it will take a long time to adjust, slowly slowly move parts of the body, is really wear well. No teammates help, especially wear one-piece women, almost impossible oneself & other; Plug & throughout; To go in. Waiting for the arrival of summer and holiday
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