Guangzhou bathing suit to use

by:Huaxing     2020-09-02

regularly clean with mild detergent machine wash or manually sun-protective clothing. One-piece tighten the waist design to highlight the curve of the body, more not let the fat literally ran out. If coupled with the belt such as adornment, can better keep out abdominal proud flesh! High split one-piece, lived in Tibetan proud flesh at the same time, also can make the legs look more slender slim! Eyeful is legs, who will manage the belly meat meat, & other; Apple's sister & throughout; When choosing wetsuit, notice to avoid light color fastens, choose the most the most the most show thin dark department! Bathing suit while cleaning after each dive can maintain its clean, regular cleaning is still necessary, but because it can make sure that no residual dirt or gravel. Please use horizontal or hanging on the clothes rack to dry, avoid by all means use desiccant. Industrial desiccant will be graded lycra fiber, in the long run, will damage the sun-protective clothing. In order to obtain additional temperature, you can again diving suit wearing sun-protective clothing, when the water temperature is higher than your body temperature, so your body temperature will be increased due to the temperature of the water. So to choose the right, not as thick as possible. Bathing suit this equipment to form an air layer between the skin and water. The air layer can slowly up to the temperature level with you, and make sure your body temperature in the process of diving. Guangzhou bathing suit to use a swimsuit so when selecting a diving suit, you'll be the first to observe whether four cuffs and collar can be a very good fit his neck and limbs, put on after observe whether the body is also have a bigger space, diving suits, difficult to wear not afraid, it is important to suit yourself. Now, after all, there are few girls without makeup still so beautiful, so let a person see admire, pink purple sports match very good temperament, highlights the movement to stop. Wear swimming suit biggest advantage is to keep warm. Always wear 2. 5 mm neoprene material scuba diving vests in the swimming pool to swim. Vest is better than long-sleeved wetsuit, does not affect the arm stretching. Feel very very warm. How long soak in the water is not cold. But you must try to choose close tightly, otherwise easy to take water, formation of resistance. Characteristic of this kind of neoprene diving suit is solid durable, do not use too alkaline liquid detergent cleaning, and there is nothing to pay attention to. Swimsuit do not say, but say no good body or don't try, or you will really feel inferior, workout clothes, after all, is a test in shape of a costume!
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