For girls like surfing

by:Huaxing     2020-07-30

it's getting hotter and hotter, more and more girls choose clothes, to water cool cool! The deep blue sea there is a special magic, love surfing girls but also has a special charm. Small make up today said that the girls would face concern ~ pig travel problem: need what equipment? Surfing clothes, fins, oxygen tanks and so on ~ learn or experience surf pig house will provide ~ and accompanied by senior manager. Question: how can you not? Not a tan! Fear of sunburn is what don't surf ~ wheat color most sexy. Sunscreen can only let you not sunburn, tan is certain. So even if will tan, sunscreen or to be used. So surfing sunscreen waterproof function is very important. Question: how long hair? His ponytail, bang clip together. Don't put the hair! Question: what to wear swimsuit? Pig travel problems: where to buy a nice surfing equipment? Outdoor garments are generally bright color, but surfing equipment are almost dark. Love beautiful girl can find a Japanese brand, design is more, also look better than Europe and the United States, but the price is generally more expensive than Scubapro, European and American products such as Waterproof, Cressi 50% 100%. Problem: the big aunt to how to do? It is best to avoid the menstrual period, or use tampons and eat the pill or progesterone regulation. Used tampon, recommended in surfing the big aunt, with a few days before to take a look at your body. In addition, the sliver must 4 - Eight hours change, preferably after each dive in. Problem: surfing makes me into the muscular female han paper? Surfing on the physical requirements is not high, is a very easy movement, you can imagine it as underwater yoga. Yoga is muscular! Will it!
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