Five just teach you how to easily put on a diving suit

by:Huaxing     2020-07-26

diving is the most difficult thing to wear suit! Comfortable, proper diving suit allows you to easily, easily on land. Here are some Suggestions that can help you avoid when dressed in diving suits, sweating or broken nails. 'As a sport, there are many words can be used to describe the feeling of diving. Encouraging, adventure, excitement, change your life - — But usually not elegant. Wear glasses and dragged the heavy cylinder, diving will be very interesting, especially when you're wearing a suit. In order to better heat insulation, diving suit must be suitable. We spent a lot of time to blush, then put them on, so neoprene like a second skin glue on our bodies. Pay attention to these tips, you will be able to focus on diving, rather than before. 1, the base cloth to reduce wet clothes and skin friction is in wet clothes and the easiest way to set up a barrier between the skin. Leica jellyfish ( Use) Is your best choice, they can provide additional insulation in the water. Or wear diving socks are also very helpful, although some people think that wear plastic bag is also very convenient. Pack it in your feet, put it into your legs, because plastic bag is very slippery, you can easily put on your suit, it will work on your arm. 2, stay cool in a tropical region, sweating is the main factor that can't wear a suit. If dry skin is very difficult to wear neoprene, it is almost impossible to make the skin sweat. In order to make up for this, tried to in a cool place to wear wet clothes; If you sweat, take a bath, and then wear wet clothes. Or directly to wet diving suit, you will make the rubber more flexible, more difficult to stick on the skin. 3, seek help from diving equipment check to dive plan, you should do all companions, including help you put on a diving suit, of course, especially in places that you can't stretch out his hand to her back. When you finish, help your potential partners put his wet clothes. 4 roll up, everything is very skilled, diving suit, too. If you find that this has nothing to do with the method based on pulling, try a different approach. The arms and legs inside out, only keep 1 - in the end 3 cm, the rest of the sleeve on the ankle or wrist, the rest of the sleeves rolled up bit by bit. This approach reduces friction and prevent wear too tight. 5, in a diving suit if these fail, you can buy a set of doesn't suit your wet clothes. Consider placing a order for a new suit, in order to ensure that fit, or go to professional brand shop, help you choose the right size suit. If it's not the size problem, considering the purchase of different materials or design. Are more likely to choose a more flexible and elastic suits, or consider the style of the wrist and ankle zipper, the looser than it. Note: many divers use various lubricants, including cleaner, conditioner and talcum powder. However, these can cause skin irritation and may be harmful to the Marine environment. Especially to avoid using oil-based lubricant, which corrosion diving suit, shorten the service life of diving suit. If you must use a lubricant, choose water, so it will be the better wear and the environment. Birch hing co. , LTD. , dongguan city, the neoprene diving suit and the clothing manufacturer, provide all kinds of men's diving suit and ladies dress custom services, the company production of surfing and diving suits, reliable quality, novel design, welcome to choose and buy.
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