Diving suits, there are several kinds of material? How to choose and buy?

by:Huaxing     2020-08-05

the main role is to keep the diver diving suit body temperature and to prevent accidental injury ( Because some jellyfish, corals and other underwater attachments to toxicity) 。 In addition can also prevent bask in. Diving suit can be divided into dry type diving suit and wet suit. As the name implies, dry is waterproof bai, mainly used in cold regions. Wet is not waterproof, but also can keep the body temperature is not easy to be lost. In water temperature above 27 degrees can generally don't wear a suit, 20 degrees below wear wet, if it is below 10 degrees need to wear dry diving suit. Therefore to warm tropical, we only need to pay attention to the wet suit is ok ( Such as saipan) 。 Diving suit materials: the most common wetsuit fabric has two kinds of nylon and lycra fabric, cloth is in the central foam rubber, so as long as the same thickness, two kinds of fabrics made of diving suit thermal effect are the same. 1, the difference of two kinds of fabrics: in its table cloth, is a kind of nylon fabric, one is the lycra fabric. Leica cloth in the number of lines per unit area more, knitting is close, therefore more wear-resisting. In addition lycra fabric better elasticity and so leica cloth into a suit is not out of shape. 2, the life of the two kinds of fabrics: lycra fabric of diving suit than the nylon fabric suit for long service life. 3, the price of two kinds of fabrics, nylon cloth gain a foothold in the market, mainly because of its low price comparison. But, in contrast, the higher price of lycra fabric. 4, non-functional choice: due to the leica can choose the color of the fabric is more on the market, if you want to own diving suit in the water can bright bright, then lycra fabric will be a better choice. How to choose and buy diving suit: 1. Professional divers: recommended to buy high quality brand of diving suit. Generally in the underwater for a long time, long sleeve adaptability, material is qualitative with durable nylon fabrics is preferred. 2. Has a license or prepared divers diving license: they are accurate or going to be prospective professional professionals, diving suits, the use of high frequency than the first kind of people. If the money is enough, can consider to Scubapro Thermal Tec 3 mm or 5 mm ( As mentioned earlier, thickness is associated with heat exchange speed) 。 The diving suit the same sampling Everflex material with TATEX knee, strong practicability. 3. For ordinary tourists diving experience: if is diving experience, generally has the qualification of the diving club have diving suit for rent, so there is no need to buy their own. Have cleanliness and particularly sensitive crowd, can prepare a set of ordinary diving sun-protective clothing to wear on the inside, outside set of diving suit.
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