Diving suit main common material

by:Huaxing     2020-08-05

the most common type of diving suit fabric is nylon and lycra fabric, both are foam rubber, so as long as the same thickness, diving suits made of two kinds of fabric with the same heating effect. 1, the difference between two kinds of cloth: one is the nylon fabric, the other is a leica cloth. Leica cloth in unit area with multiple lines, weaving closer, so the better abrasion resistance. In addition, lychee leather has good elasticity, so made of lychee skin diving suit will not deformation. 2, the service life of the two kinds of cloth: lycra fabric's service life is longer than the service life of the nylon fabric. 3, the price of two kinds of fabric, nylon fabric in the market place, mainly because of its relatively low price. By contrast, the higher price of lycra fabric. 4, non-functional choice: because lycra fabric can choose more colors in the market, if you want to let you dive under the water, then the lycra fabric will be a better choice. These clothes can not only heat preservation, but also can protect you from damage such as coral reefs. In general, the market popular there are three basic styles, namely 1, jellyfish garment ( Tights) 2, 3, dry wet diving suit diving suit birch hing co. , LTD. , dongguan city, the neoprene diving suit and the clothing manufacturer, provide all kinds of men's diving suit and ladies dress custom services, the company production of surfing and diving suits, reliable quality, novel design, welcome to choose and buy. A, 10 years experience in swimming supplies custom, strong fo xing 10 years diving suits, surfing clothes, swimming supplies research and development production, more than five years or above working experience in research and development specialist, paying attention to the change of the market, research and development design conforms to the contemporary social standard swimming supplies. 2, select high-quality raw materials, long service life for swimming supplies, birch and pay more attention to the product of raw materials, choose the famous brand of raw materials, environmental protection raw material all through the international certification, CE, ROHS, etc from the source to control the quality of the products. Three, advanced production equipment, fast delivery, good quality fo xing attaches great importance to product quality, now has four needles sewing machines, six line 冚 car, blind seam, bone, flat car, such as a complete set of production equipment, nissan up to 2000 sets, are exported to Europe, America, South Korea, the Middle East and southeast Asia, products are loved by both at home and abroad. Fourth, one-stop service system, after all fo xing is equipped with professional pre-sale, sale, after-sales service team, 1 to 1 order tracking mode, can solve when you use the product encounter all sorts of questions, problems, allowing you to use more at ease!
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