Diving suit little knowledge of everyday life

by:Huaxing     2020-08-03

when scuba diving diving suit is mainly used for preventing heat loss too fast, causing loss of temperature, but also can protect the divers from rocks or harmful animals plants. The main raw material of diving suit is the neoprene foam. Usually used in diving, surfing, sailing, kayaking, and other water sports. Due to the neoprene foam, is made up of tiny air bubbles, so have good insulation, and can reduce its thermal capacity. Bubbles also make clothes the density of the bottom at the same time, in the water has buoyancy. Diving suit is therefore have heat preservation, abrasion resistance and buoyancy of functional clothing. We usually in on the inner joint of diving suit fabrics, that can meet the requirements of users for comfortable more. Usually with nylon cloth clip beauty of joint, dacron meijia, lycra meijia, mercerized cloth, etc. Outer we will according to different needs, provide the embossing, light glue and laminating fabrics. Embossing and light glue can reduce the use of water and air resistance, suitable for professional sports, such as triathlon. The types of diving suit wet and dry type. Half dry diving suit, in production, in view of the neck, wrists and ankles to specific processing, thus reducing the cold water from the outside into the body, take away the body temperature, achieve better heat preservation effect. Thickness from 2 mm - diving suit 8毫米。 Appropriate for different requirements and temperature. The making craft of diving suit has eight needle ( Transmission of the suture) And have glue adhesion. Also according to the requirements of use to the decision making process. We also provide diving suit containing titanium. The addition of titanium can greatly improve the warmth retention property of diving suit, under the condition of no increase in thickness, double heat preservation performance. This new type of material is very like by the consumer. Color: all colors are available, and can produce according to your requirements. Material: nylon meijia, dacron meijia, long hair silk, hair silk, lycra, OK cloth, elastic cloth, etc. PK zipper, waterproof zipper, YKK zipper, zipper, ybs zipper and other brands of special zipper. Diving suit categories: half dry diving suit, neoprene diving suit.
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