Diving suit is made of what

by:Huaxing     2020-08-03

1, the dry type diving suit: wear dry diving suit, isolated from the rest of body with water completely, according to the water temperature, can wear a sweater in strengthening heat preservation. They must be trained to used in cold areas of diving. 2, wet suit: this suit is made from foam rubber or nylon fabric, close-fitting dress. Wet diving suit must be suitable for the skin and into a small amount of water, not flow between the diving suit and the skin, to maintain the body temperature. Waters in cold region, using dry diving suit is more common. 3, usually, when the water temperature more than 20 degrees, you can not wear a suit; Below 20 degrees, you need to wear wet diving suit. If the water temperature is less than 10 degrees, you need to wear dry submersibles. Diving suit's main function is to keep warm. Long sleeve and short sleeve have different thickness and design. It is suitable for different diving environment. The thinnest usually from 0. 5 mm to 10 mm thicker. In the tropical or subtropical diving, is commonly used for 1 to 3 mm. In the cold water temperature need to be more than 5 mm or thicker wet clothes. Diving under lower water temperature may need to consider to use diving suit, but it is important to pay attention to suit different skills, so need special training course. 4, diving suit can not only warm, but also can protect you from scratches and other damage. There are three basic styles: tights, dry wet suit and a suit. Tights can only wear in tropical waters. When they emerged from the water, they can protect you from the sun. Diving suit is the most common type of diving suit. It has different design and thickness. Therefore, can be in 10 - Provide appropriate insulation within the scope of water temperature 30 ℃. Dry suit to keep you dry and good insulation. It is the best leisure diving diving suit, especially when the water temperature is less than 10 degrees Celsius, but it is also very expensive, the need when wearing special guidance. 5, diving suit, and the less body exchange between seawater and the outside world, diving suit of warming, the better the results. At present, the most common wetsuit fabric is nylon and lycra fabric. These two kinds of fabric lining is the center of foam rubber, as long as the thickness of the two kinds of fabric is the same, diving suit is made of two kinds of fabrics with the same heat preservation effect. Birch hing co. , LTD. , dongguan city, the neoprene diving suit and the clothing manufacturer, provide all kinds of men's diving suit and ladies dress custom services, the company production of surfing and diving suits, reliable quality, novel design, welcome to choose and buy.
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