Diving suit and the clothing can be mixed

by:Huaxing     2020-08-06

asked a lot of small make up the small make up diving suit and surfing can mix? Small make up is very responsible to tell you - - Not ok. Reason 1. Diving suits, pay more attention to heat preservation, relative surfing is thick and lack of flexibility, because diving under water is usually cold, also do not need to be strenuous exercise. While surfing pay more attention to the convenience of a movement, generally thinner and is flexible, because when surfing on the surface of the water, basic need for intense sport. Such as tropical surfing generally wear a beach pants to go ( Don't wear can also, ha ha) 。 If you feel sun can wear a very thin sun-protective clothing. Water can wear sleeveless 3 mm side of the surfing, also can choose thicker 5 mm body surfing. Basic is more thick and diving suit the whole body. Generally requires lead the set of warm. Reason 2. There is a difference between two kinds of diving suits, mainly lies in 1, waterproof performance, diving wet coat cuff, collar has a better prevent the design of the water. Diving suit and suture way also has a better processing, such as glue. 2, thickness, diving suits, 3 mm, 5 mm, 7 mm, dry, and so on, mainly in order to adapt to different regions of the temperature. While surfing is usually 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, there are few more thick, because move not convenient. 3, compressive resistance, diving suits, Neoprene material compression resilience after much better than normal. Surfing in general do not need to be under pressure. 4, design way, diving suits, there will be some specially designed for submersible environment consider, such as some of the wet clothes will have a pocket design, some can enhance the wear resistance of some places, such as the position of the elbow, and surfing. 5, diving suits, generally do not use too many colors. Because the water will lose the original color, may be more ugly. While surfing is not the same, there are a lot of surfing design is very good-looking. Reason 3. Diving and surfing is different to the requirement of temperature. The first underwater due to the change of water flow and depth, water will have change, while the water is not affected. And also, direct sun surfers of body surface temperature higher than with water temperature of divers. Second dive exquisite slow, controlled movement, because of the sharp movement first for a while consumption of oxygen in the blood, the second will lead to loss of dimensional feeling, so the diving movement does not produce enough heat resist heat was taken away by water. While surfing all need quick, stability, strength and coordination, in this process the heat generated by the enough to the water temperature is constant, surfers to provide thermal effect of the sunny day. To sum up, the same in 3 mm wetsuit, diving if you cold, surfing will feel it's too hot. Combination can reduce the service life of diving suit. Diving suit is consumables, the old, heat preservation performance is poor. We all know that suit can't fold and weight, crease place bubbles can reduce the thermal effect can also be reduced diving suit. Diving suit when surfing with the motion of intense of body will inevitably leave more crease, this is the first. The second is the damage of ultraviolet to diving suit, remember when you learn diving coaches have told you? Diving suit to clean with fresh water, shady and cool place air drying. Most of the time when surfing on surrounded by ultraviolet (uv) light, one can imagine the damage to the suit.
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