Diving suit and surfing can mix?

by:Huaxing     2020-08-06

diving suit and surfing can mix? Of course, the answer is, no. A, diving suits, pay more attention to heat preservation, thick, not flexible, dive under water usually colder because it is over, do not need to be vigorous exercise. Surf clothing pay more attention to the convenience of a movement, generally thin, flexible, because surfing is basically on the surface of the water, the need for intense sport. For example, in the tropical surf, you can usually wear a beach pants. If you feel the sun, you can wear a thin sunscreen suits. If it is water, you can wear a 3 mm half body sleeveless surfing, or you can choose a 5 mm thick body surfing. Robe is basically a thicker body. In general, the lead cover also need to keep warm. Second, the two different types of wet, mainly in the. 1, the waterproof performance. Diving the wet clothes cuffs and collar has a better design, to prevent water from entering the. In addition, the suture method also has better treatment effect, such as glue. 2, 3 mm thickness, diving suits, 5 mm and 7 mm, half dry, mainly in order to adapt to different parts of the temperature. Surfing clothes in general is 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, rarely more thick, because the activity is not convenient. 3, the pressure resistance. Diving suit neoprene material recovery after compression ability is superior to ordinary diving suit. Surfers don't normally need to pressure. (4), design method, diving suits, there will be some special design for diving environment, there will be some wet clothes pocket design, for example, some can enhance the wear resistance of some places, such as the elbow position, while surfing is not. Color, diving suits, generally don't use too much color. Because water will lose the original color, may be more ugly. Surfing is not the same, many surfers are designed to be very good. Three, diving and surfing need different temperature. 1, due to the change of water flow and depth, water temperature change, but the water will not be affected. Moreover, under the same temperature, the surface temperature of the surfer than divers. 2, diving is very slow and control, because of the great movement first consumes oxygen in the blood, the second time will result in loss of the space, so the diving cannot generate enough heat to resist water take away heat. Surfing, on the other hand, need whole body speed, stability, strength and coordination. In the process to produce enough heat to provide constant temperature and the warmth of the sun protection surfers. In short, if not cold, with a 3 mm wetsuit, snorkeling is too hot. Mixed use can reduce the service life of diving suit. Wetting agent is a kind of consumable, older, more bad thermal performance. As we all know, wet clothes can't fold and repression, fold zone of bubble will lower the temperature of the wet clothes. With the strong movement of the body, the wet clothes will leave more crease, this is the first. Second, the uv damage to the suit. Do you remember when you learn diving coach told you? Diving suit application of clean water, dry in the shade. Surfing mostly surrounded by ultraviolet ray, the damage to the diving suit is imaginable.
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