Diving material production process, to teach you quickly defeat the counterparts

by:Huaxing     2020-08-08
Diving material widely used in diving suits, sports, fitness supplies, gifts, thermos flask, fishing pants, shoes, etc, can replace natural rubber tires, rubber shoes, rubber hose, adhesive tape, such as general product, diving material production process, to teach you quickly defeat the peers. Neoprene is a chip unit, usually of 51 * 83 inches or 50 * 130 inches. They are black and beige. Just sponge foam out of bed, from 18 mm ~ 45 mm thickness, the top and bottom surface is smooth, also known as the epidermis is called light skin, smooth skin, if in its surface embossing process, can have a better stop slippery, with coarse grain embossed, embossing, T particles, lozenge grain, etc. , coarse graining called shark skin, good embossing become good skin. Neoprene sponge bed, after splitting wedge into open cells, usually in the surface stick. Neoprene can be processed into 1 - according to need 45 mm thick slices. After processing of neoprene with lycra, knitting, terry cloth, nylon, polyester and other fabric composite material. Coated fabric can be dyed various colors. Effect of process can be divided into ordinary coated and resistance to solvent ( Toluene resistance, etc. ) Coated. Common composite materials are suitable for sports protective equipment, handbags, gifts, etc. Solvent resistant coating line is suitable for diving suit, gloves and so on need to use the product in a solvent environment. The physical properties of the neoprene: neoprene has a good bending performance. Domestic heat resistant conveyor belt cover rubber testing result of formula shows that the cracking of natural rubber rubber the same degree of 399000 times, 50% of natural rubber and 50% of neoprene formula is 790000 times, and 100% of neoprene formula is 882000 times. So the product has a good memory, can fold, cannot leave knead fold deformation traces. The rubber has good shock resistance, adhesion and sealing performance, are widely used in household appliances sealing shockproof components and mobile phone cover, insulation cap, shoes and hats manufacturing, etc. Has good softness and skid resistance. Flexible performance effectively foil user's wrist, reduce wrist strain. Skid resistance to prevent the mouse pad, allow the user to stable operation of the mouse. 2. Neoprene ( Diving material) Chemistry: neoprene structure of double bond and the chlorine atom is not active, not cause chemical reaction. So commonly used high chemical resistance requirements of products, also make the product is not easy to aging, cracking. Rubber structure stability, non-toxic harmless, widely used in the manufacture of diving material, sports protective equipment and fitness products. The rubber has good flame retardancy, safe and reliable, suitable for flame retardant, flame retardant cable hose, flame retardant conveyor belt, bridge and other rubber parts. The rubber has good water resistance and oil resistance, tubing and use the rubber conveyor belt, these features also make products to be cleaned, resistance to deformation, aging, cracking durability characteristics. Because it is a synthetic rubber improved, so the price is 20% higher than that of natural rubber. 3. Adaptability: adapt to the climate, the minimum cold tolerance of - 40 ℃, the maximum heat resistance at 150 ℃, the average minimum cold resistance of rubber - 20 ℃, the maximum heat resistance at 100 ℃. Widely used in cable sheath sealing strip, rubber hose, construction and other fields. Birch xing is a research and development, production, sales in the integration of diving equipment production enterprise, the company has complete production research and development team and scientific quality management system, professional production and processing diving suit, diving equipment, prevent bask in clothes, surfing clothes, yoga clothing, swimsuit, swim trunks, etc. Sporting goods.
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