Diving equipment should be paid attention to in

by:Huaxing     2020-08-05

1, dry diving suit, can be directly put on; 2, must first wet wet diving suit and diving suit to wear. In winter, talcum powder or hot prickly ash powder can be used to talcum powder or prickly heat powder coating in the interior of the diving suit, in order to use. Wear, don't with nails, so as not to tear. 3, after the life jacket is in a diving suit to wear, and keep a wide compact with the body. After 4, wear masks to the front of the hair off, in order to avoid leaking mask. In order to prevent the mask, you can apply water, tobacco, algae daub is also a good way. When the pressure drop, the external pressure increases, which may lead to squeeze. Have to pass a slow blow nose to remove mask pressure, to avoid the facial injury. When the mask into the water, and the head up slightly, pressure on the mask, then slowly blowing nose to remove moisture. 5, before wearing the belt, adjust the length of the fastener, usually around there; Shoes frog must first to wear after wet with water, and equipped with fastening belt, in order to ensure not loosen. Beginners should use soft frog shoes. 6, balance belt in the waist, the last things to wear, so I can let go at any time. No more than 15 20 centimeters. Balance weight on both sides separately, so that it is easy to balance in diving. 7, when you dived into the water, the water into the breathing tube, so it has to float to the surface, blows hard, then the removal of water. When you breathe in, when you breathe, you should use force to blow, and the water in the pipe must use a breath to clear. Scuba diving, don't in the water, so as not to float on the surface of the water and make breathing tube drainage action without air.
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