Comprehensive understanding of lycra dress,'s interest!

by:Huaxing     2020-08-02
“ Lycra & throughout; Is the transliteration of English word LYCRA, it in 1937 by the German bayer ( Bayer) Research is successful, in 1959 the United States dupont ( DuPont) Start production, comprehensive understanding of lycra dress,'s interest! Lycra dress is made of dry spinning spandex fiber polyester type, flexible chain segment and rigid chain segments, it is this molecular structure, and gives a leica good extensibility and elastic recovery properties, 4 - leica can stretch to its original length 7 times, recovery rate was 100%, the reply after the human body surface, mandatory binding force of the human body is very small. It cannot be used alone, can be mixed with any other man-made or natural fiber. It does not change the look of the fabric is a kind of invisible fiber, can greatly improve the performance of the fabric. Can match with any fabrics using lycra fiber, including wool, linen, silk, cotton, etc. , to increase the fabric close, flexibility and relaxation, feel is flexible in the activity. Unlike most spandex, leica has a special chemical structure, can prevent mould to grow in wet wet seal space. Therefore, lycra called & other; Friendly & throughout; Fiber, not only because it can be fully integrated with natural fiber and synthetic fiber, but also because it can increase the fabric or clothing comfort, binding, motility and service life. Birch xing is a research and development, production, sales in the integration of diving equipment production enterprise, the company has complete production research and development team and scientific quality management system, professional production and processing diving suit, diving equipment, prevent bask in clothes, surfing clothes, yoga clothing, swimsuit, swim trunks, etc. Sporting goods.
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