Barthes shark diving suit invites the national electronic retailing

by:Huaxing     2020-07-31

dongguan birch hing co. , LTD. , established in December 2005, is located in dongguan Wan Jiang district crab market XinHe Street size 41, birch hing factory is mainly produces surfing and diving suit and other kinds of diving material products in the field of professional enterprise. Factory building area of 6000 square meters, staff 180 people, our products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States, management personnel and skilled workers are from dongguan well-known large enterprises professional training staff, has more than ten years production management experience and advanced level of foreign trade factory. Sets products sewing production line 5, all kinds of handbags production equipment more than 120 sets. We from proofing to sewing packaging one-stop service delivery. Monthly production capacity: 10000 surf clothing, diving suits, 10000, the enterprise existing equipment: flat car 150 units, herringbone, 10 sets, 8, 6 sets, 25 sets virgins, DY car 20, press 4 sets, 3 high frequency 3 glue machines, folding machine 4, 6 electric button machines, high electric button machine 1 units, shovel machine 1 units, 1 the tall secretory chariots, hemming machine 1, 6 PCS chariots, playing five jujube chariots, overlock, 2 sets, blind seam 2 sets. Composition: Turner, 120 people, hardware, 12 people packing 25 people, 3 glue, the administrator of 25 people, QC, 5 warehouse 2 people, handyman 25 people. We have their own independent diving material raw materials factory, has more than 100 kinds of optional fabric color, surfing clothes, diving suits, perennial production are sold to all over the world! We in line with the principle of quality first, provide the most competitive price, for your bring reliable guarantee of product quality at the same time, realize mutual benefit.
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